Overweight walkers can have trouble when it comes to finding the best walking shoes for their body shape and weight, but that doesn’t make it impossible. There are plenty of great walking shoes for overweight walkers out there – the hard part is tracking them down among the thousands of brands available online. Here are some suggestions, as well as tips on how to choose for yourself.

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  1. best overall rating

    1. Brooks Womens Adrenaline GTS 20


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    These mesh and synthetic running shoes offer a balance of support and comfort, using a streamlined design to hold everything together and keep your feet cushioned while you walk. Along with the low-profile design, there is also high-energizing cushioning to help you keep moving for longer, all positioned just right to help you stay safe.

    These cushions are DNA LOFT crash pads, designed to work with each step and help the shoe slowly adapt to the way you walk or run for more consistent comfort. Finally, the GuideRails support system built into the shoe helps you manage excess movement and prevent sudden injury while moving quickly.

    Why We Like It
    • Balanced, comfortable cushioning.
    • Made with a precise 3D-printed fit.
    • Contains built-in support.
    • Very stable.
    • Lightweight.
    Our Verdict

    These shoes are simple in terms of style but offer a great blend of support and flexibility for heavier wearers that might struggle with other, more constricting pieces of footwear.

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    2. Brooks Addiction Walker 2


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    These Addiction Walker trail running shoes are made with plenty of canvas, offering better comfort and slightly more flexibility without taking away the normal protection that you would expect from walking shoes. The rubber soles provide better traction on a range of surfaces, backed up by a low-heel design that is suitable for multiple indoor and outdoor spaces.

    Thanks to the balanced cushioning, they stay comfortable while also offering good arch support. Alongside that, an Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar improves overall support and strength even further, especially when combined with a non-slip outsole for better traction.

    Why We Like It
    • Reliable cushioning.
    • Designed for maximum support.
    • Tough rubber outsole.
    • Stable, low-heeled design.
    • Built-in PDRB.
    Our Verdict

    The Addiction Walker 2 shoes are designed to provide great comfort while also being fairly protective and durable, giving you a simple but effective option for keeping your feet pain-free and cushioned.

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    3. Saucony Women’s ProGrid Integrity ST2


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    These sneakers use a high-wear design to ensure long-term protection and comfort both indoors and out, making sure of a strong rubber outsole and a grid cushioning unit that makes every step much less taxing on your feet. The non-marking sole surface allows them to be used indoors with minimal damage to surfaces, and the neutral overall construction means that they are one of the best shoes for overweight walkers in terms of durability and cushioning.

    As sneakers, they are also flexible enough to accommodate larger feet without feeling restrictive and are made with materials that easily bend to handle rough surfaces or uneven ground.

    Why We Like It
    • Flexible.
    • Made with a conventional sneaker design.
    • Great for running and walking.
    • Use grid cushioning.
    • Durable padded tongue and collar.
    Our Verdict

    These sneakers provide a comfortable fit while still offering breathable mesh, flexible materials, and easy to use laces that make even the longest walks far easier to handle.

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  4. 4. Skechers Women’s Go Walk 5


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    A mesh upper makes these shoes surprisingly breathable and very easy to wear in warm weather, as well as allowing them to stretch and flex along with your feet. These materials also mean that they are machine-washable and can be air-dried, making cleaning extremely straightforward. The bottom of each shoe uses a dual-density Ultra Go outsole with custom-made comfort pillar technology, providing improved support and cushioning with every step.

    As slip-on shoes, there isn't any kind of closure to worry about, and you can slide them onto (or off) your feet in a matter of moments. A tough synthetic sole provides all of the protection and traction you might need during a walk without reducing your overall comfort.

    Why We Like It
    • Simple slip-on design.
    • Very breathable upper.
    • Machine-washable.
    • Built on a good outsole.
    • Very easy to wear.
    Our Verdict

    These walking shoes are all-mesh, providing plenty of breathability and comfort without sacrificing arch support and underfoot protection in the long-term.

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  5. 5. New Balance Men’s 411 V2


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    These lace-up walking shoes make use of a tough leather exterior to provide good protection and consistency in most weather conditions, mixing in some synthetic materials to provide extra flexibility and comfort compared to pure leather options.

    The low-top shaft and removable insert provide far better ankle and arch support overall, as well as a heel pillow. The great rubber sole gives you the traction you need for crossing natural terrain. Each pair of these shoes has a multi-purpose athletic design that can easily suit any kind of walker in a range of different conditions and situations.

    Why We Like It
    • Comfortable support.
    • Uses both leather and synthetic materials.
    • Comfortable collar piece.
    • Great for outdoor use.
    • Good rubber outsole.
    Our Verdict

    These walking shoes use a simple but reliable design that can support you during your walks, regardless of your walking style or the kind of terrain you will be taking on. The added cushioning makes them deceptively comfortable, too.

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  6. 6. ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 26


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    These running shoes boast Impact Guidance System technology that improves your natural strides and makes it easier to move fluidly between surfaces. A special layer of 45-degree full-length SpevaFoam 45 adds to this even further by providing a new layer of cushioning, making every step more comfortable and softer on the soles of your feet.

    The outer layer is made with mesh and fabric, a highly flexible and breathable combination that is perfect for warm weather, while the sole uses strong rubber to prevent injury or fatigue. As lace-up walking shoes, it isn't hard to adjust them to your foot size and shape, especially thanks to the ASICS foam formulation that can adjust to the way you walk over time.

    Why We Like It
    • Offers increased support.
    • Soft ASICS foam layer.
    • Uses full Impact Guidance System elements.
    • Made with breathable mesh.
    • Extremely comfortable.
    Our Verdict

    These shoes keep your feet supported and protected from both warm weather and physical hazards, helping you stay comfortable during long runs or difficult marathons.

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  7. 7. Skechers Men’s Equalizer Persistent Slip-On Sneaker


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    This slip-on sneaker design uses a mixture of synthetic materials and textiles to create a versatile, comfortable, and very protective piece of footwear. A shock-absorbing FlexSole midsole in each shoe keeps your foot safe from sudden impacts underfoot, while the memory foam insole slowly molds to your foot shape and walking (or running) style over time.

    The simple design means that you can slip them on or take them off with almost no effort, and dual-side elastic panels on the sides make this even easier due to the added stretch. A stitched collar trim also adds slightly more comfort to your ankle area while you are on the move.

    Why We Like It
    • Supportive design.
    • Uses adaptive memory foam.
    • Made of flexible textiles.
    • Strong synthetic sole.
    • Contains shock-absorbing elements.
    Our Verdict

    The added cushioning and support in these slip-on walking shoes makes them a great option for handling varied ground, including rough natural terrain where comfort is essential.

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  8. 8. Saucony Women’s Cohesion 10


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    These women's running shoes use a layer of injection-molded EVA to absorb shocks and fight off sudden impacts, making it much easier to cross solid ground and harsh terrain without putting your feet at risk. The combination of textiles and synthetic materials used for the upper provides a greater level of flexibility and comfort, as well as allowing more breathability through the mesh used in key areas of the design.

    Thanks to the excellent gum rubber outsole and simple lace-up closure, you can avoid injury while also staying very well-protected and properly cushioned during even the toughest runs.

    Why We Like It
    • EVA midsole layer.
    • Great gum rubber sole.
    • Very flexible and comfortable.
    • Designed for outdoor running.
    • Absorbs shocks well.
    Our Verdict

    These shoes are a good balance between protective and supportive, keeping you comfortable and reducing the chance of any harm coming to your feet while still helping you run at full speed for longer.

    Editor Rating
  9. 9. New Balance Mens 990 V5 Sneaker


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    The ENCAP midsole technology used in these sneakers provides better support and durability overall, allowing the shoes to last longer and protect your feet more effectively. The straightforward design and standard rubber sole mean that they won't feel too different from your typical running shoes, making them easy to transition into if you are not used to more complex-feeling shoe types.

    The mesh sections of the upper improve breathability and flexibility, but there is still enough solid surface to keep your feet protected from the rainwater and puddles. On top of that, dual-density collar foam prevents ankle pains and irritation during your runs in all weather conditions.

    Why We Like It
    • Comfortable low-heel design.
    • Uses breathable mesh.
    • Made of reliable materials.
    • Dual-density padded collar.
    • Easy-to-wear lace-up design.
    Our Verdict

    This running shoe design might seem conventional, but this makes it perfect for people who want something familiar while also keeping their feet comfortable during day-to-day exercise or long walks.

    Editor Rating
  10. 10. ASICS GT-2000 7 Women’s Running Shoes


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    These professional-looking running shoes make use of a synthetic lining and outer surface that offers both high flexibility and excellent breathability, with mesh acting as an easy way for air to flow in and out of your footwear during exercise sessions.

    The gum rubber sole provides improved protection from bad terrain while the lace-up closure means that you can quickly alter the fit as needed, and improvements to the sole design also provide you with more grip overall. Not only that, but the shoe design is meant to promote smoother transitions between foot positions and stances, making running much easier in any situation.

    Why We Like It
    • Simple running shoe design.
    • Very flexible construction.
    • Protective exterior.
    • Comfortable interior.
    • Perfect for both exercise and casual purposes
    Our Verdict

    This is another shoe design that offers a combination of different benefits with no major downsides, making walking and running easier no matter the weather conditions or the amount of time you will be spending on your feet.

    Editor Rating

Walking Shoes for Overweight Walkers Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking for the best walking shoes for overweight walkers, perhaps the options above will have given you some ideas. However, to find the best walking shoes for overweight walkers, you need to understand what the best walking shoes for overweight walkers would be. While everybody is different, there are certain things that almost all overweight walkers will prefer to have, meaning that certain shoe designs and features become increasingly important once you gain some weight. So, what should you be looking for?

Comfort and Breathability

When you are trying to find the best walking shoe for overweight walkers, comfort almost always comes first. Being overweight isn’t a simple issue, and even if you don’t plan to work off the extra weight, you will want to be comfortable every day. Because of this, having a comfortable shoe is important, but that doesn’t mean that the best shoe for overweight walkers and runners will be one full of cushioning materials.

Proper comfort comes from arch support, a good toe box, and specially-formed cushioning in the right places. A shoe that can keep you comfortable will always be best, especially since your added weight means that your foot is likely under more pressure than the average person whenever you go for a walk or run. If your running shoe is uncomfortable, other features won’t get rid of the discomfort, so choose carefully.

There is also the issue of overweight people often sweating more during exercise. This isn’t always an issue, but when it happens, it can lead to your feet sweating much more than normal. If you aren’t careful, this can lead to skin irritation, long-term skin pain, or even a range of other more subtle issues that slowly build up before you have a chance to notice them. Remember that sweating isn’t just a result of serious exercise: any amount of effort can lead to sweating, and overweight people might find themselves sweating in their casual walking shoes if they don’t get out very often.

Support and Protection

Heavy runners will almost always need extra support, especially arch support. In many cases, your feet won’t have the arch needed to support an overweight body, meaning that your joints and muscles have to compensate – leading to excess pain. A good shoe for overweight runners is a shoe that can nullify that element of being overweight through proper support, giving your feet some relief by letting the shoe take the brunt of the force. All walkers, overweight or not, can benefit from protection.

Shock-absorbing materials are often one of the best ways to get around this, especially when you worry that your weight might lead to plantar fasciitis (foot and heel pain). Injuries and issues like plantar fasciitis can happen to anybody, but overweight people are more likely to suffer it repeatedly, especially if they don’t have shoes that can properly protect their feet. Walkers aren’t going to have these problems as often as runners since most walkers aren’t as heavy with their steps.

Keep in mind that many of these issues are caused by the foot taking some form of damage. A shoe that can protect you through features like a shock-absorbing midsole, slip-resistant outsole, or internal cushioning can often be the shoe that prevents injuries that would have otherwise caused lasting pain. The toe box is an exception, but a good shoe toe box can still occasionally lessen the pain of a bump against a solid object or surface.

Remember: a shoe is never infinitely durable. The more it protects your feet, the more wear a shoe will receive. A new shoe might protect your foot from almost one-hundred percent of an impact, but after a year of wear and tear, the same shoe might only dampen the impact on your foot by half as much. A new shoe doesn’t remain new forever, and if your shoes feel thinner than they used to, they are starting to wear out.

Shoe Type

Not all shoe types are suitable for every situation. Walking shoes and running shoes are similar, but one is obviously meant more for walking – walkers might find some running shoes suitable, but not always, whereas runners might find that walking shoes are too restrictive. In many cases, they can be used for the same things, but some shoes will only appeal to walkers or runners.

In the case of heavier walkers, some elements of the shoe might be more meant for good comfort, which runners may not want. Try to work out if you want running shoes or walking shoes ahead of time since most walkers and runners will want a shoe that fits with their hobbies, exercise sessions, or daily routines.

Just because shoes are marketed at being one type doesn’t mean that they can’t be another. If you can’t tell whether the shoes are good for a certain purpose, check reviews or leave a reply and see if you can get a response. Some shoes are simply so good at foot protection and foot comfort that they become multi-purpose shoes due to their design, whereas others are shoes that only serve a single purpose and don’t work well outside of that role.

Finding Shoes

Finding the best shoe design for an overweight walker isn’t as easy as you might think. It can be tempting to look up “best women’s running shoes for overweight runners” or “best walking shoes for overweight women,” or even something as simple as “fat people shoes,” but that doesn’t usually get you good results. When looking for a decent walking shoe, try to be more specific with your shoe searches – there are thousands of walking shoes out there to choose from, and you can’t check each walking shoe individually.

For example, you might specify a certain shoe company. New Balance has made many good walking shoe designs, so adding “New Balance shoes” to your search can narrow down the options. It doesn’t have to be a New Balance show: New Balance is just an example, and if you find that New Balance shoes don’t appeal to you, another brand might instead. Also, try to specify your foot size if possible, since foot size is obviously really important in finding a good walking shoe that fits.

Searches like “best running shoes for overweight women” specify the sex you are looking for, but that still presents you with a lot of shoe options. Shoe and foot size, foot support requirements, shoe materials, specific shoe features, and even the type of insole or outsole used in the shoe can all be valid ways of narrowing your scope. If you can’t find walking shoes running, that match your needs, look for walking shoes instead and see if that helps.


There isn’t a single best walking shoe for an overweight walker, and each walking shoe offers something slightly different compared to all others. No two shoes are exactly identical, and many walkers might need specific shoe designs or elements to stay comfortable. Two walkers might even have different opinions on the best walking shoe type or brand, even if they suffer from the same kind of pain. There isn’t a best shoe overall.

However, finding the best walking shoe for you is important. If you are overweight, each foot needs to handle more physical stress, so the best shoes for walking are the ones that can prevent this entirely. A good walking shoe isn’t just focused on comfort: an ideal walking shoe should offer protection, cushioning, and a feeling superior to the walking shoe type you are already using. If you downgrade to a walking shoe that feels worse, you are just going to cause more problems for yourself.

Expert Tip

Durability and cushioning are often the two most useful elements of walking shoes for heavier walkers, so choose carefully.

Did You Know?

Walking shoes are often also used as cycling footwear or for other exercises: don’t feel like walking is your only option if you are trying to lose weight.