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So, you’ve made it here. That must mean you are looking for a new pair of shoes! We love shoes here at ShoeAdviser, as you can probably tell… We pride ourselves in our knowledge of all shoes.

In the hopes that we can help you to find the perfect pair. Whether you are a professional Chef, or you’re looking for your next pair of Running Shoes – we want to help you.

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How Products Are Rated

No one wants to pay over the odds for a pair of shoes, we know the deal – humans are renowned for loving a good bargain, so we’ve kept this in mind. Our top 3 choices (which you will find in each of our reviews) are made up of the following:

1. Top Pick – this is our mid-range, but “best of both worlds” shoe. This product is of a reasonable price, and the most popular among buyers. It is a great mix of value, high quality and popularity.

2. Premium Choice – this one is for those who are happy to pay a little extra for the best of the best, the “cream of the crop”, if you will. This product is a little pricier than the rest, usually, but it is the highest quality option – while also being adored by previous buyers.

3. Best Value – Rather self-explanatory, this option is popular among buyers for being what they need, at a very good and reasonable price. Following our top 3, but only just coming after, the rest of the greatest shoes on the market – all of our products are great, of course! It’s only the best, here at ShoeAdviser.com.

It is worth noting that none of the products we review on the site are paid to be here. Our team choose products that we feel are the best of the best. This is based on a number of different factors including what the actual customers think of the product. If you are a manufacturer and feel your product should be featured, please contact us and we can have a chat!

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Guides for Buyers

Buying online can sometimes be a tricky process. Which is why we have taken the time to go into serious detail with each type of shoe we review. For example, when buying a climbing shoe, it is important to factor in the following elements; leather vs synthetic, outsole, style and closure, and the “last”. It’s similar to when you go into store and ask an expert for advice.

We provide it for you, in an easy to read layout, that saves you time. Flick between pages and models, instead of driving across town to a specialized store! Check out the buyers guide located above on beneath the products on every product review.

Ask the experts

Expert Industry Advice

Expert advice is essential when finding and understanding the top product. That’s why we collection information from industry experts and super-users, for each aspect of the shoes, before the review process begins.

Customer feedback and advice

Consumer Feedback

Finally, we look at real world feedback and optionals from customers, who have already purchased and used the shoes. This enables us to get a second opinion on each shoe from people who have worn them for many months already. Something you cannot get when visiting a store.

By analyzing this feedback, we are able to figure out patterns in durability, comfort, pro and cons of each shoe. This helps our review team provide you with an accurate break down, before you buy.

We have helped over 1,211,688 customers, make

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Who Are We?

So, who are we, and why listen to us? We’ll come out and say it – we are people with –slight– shoe obsessions. Some of the team prefer comfy trainers, and some of us prefer heels – but we all have one thing in common… We love high quality shoes, that look and feel great, while also being top notch for the purpose they are intended.

We started ShoeAdviser when some of us concluded that we couldn’t find all the information we needed about certain shoes online. Times are changing, and we all know that many of us now choose to shop online – so we’d say it’s pretty vital that the information we need is online, so we can make the right choice first time.

We’d love to hear from you, if you want to chat – we don’t bite (much). Contact us.