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If you’re into your Sports, and you need some new Sports Sneakers – you’ve come to the right place! In our Athletic Shoes Category, we’ve reviewed all sorts of Sports Shoes all the way from Tennis Shoes, to Wrestling Shoes. We know everyone is different, so we’ve got an option for all. We’ve considered different budgets, requirements and level of activity

12 Best Nike Training Shoes in 2020

Nike Training Shoes

10 Best Turf Soccer Shoes in 2020

Turf Soccer Shoes

10 Best Reebok Running Shoes in 2020

Reebok Running Shoes

10 Best Spin Shoes in 2020

Spin Shoes

10 Best Shoes for Treadmill for 2020

Shoes For Treadmill

Best Shoes For Pickleball in 2020

Shoes For Pickleball

10 Best Women’s Golf Shoes in 2020

Women's Golf Shoes

10 Best Lifting Shoes for 2020

Lifting Shoes

10 Best Marathon Shoes in 2020

Marathon Shoes

10 Best Saucony Running Shoes

Saucony Running Shoes

10 Best Trail Shoes in 2020

Trail Shoes

10 Best Everyday Shoes in 2020

Everyday Shoes

10 Best Shoes For Spartan Races in 2020

Shoes For Spartan Race

10 Best Sneakers in 2020


12 Best Boxing Shoes in 2020

Boxing Shoes

10 Best Cheap Shoes in 2020

Cheap Shoes

10 Best Yoga Shoes in 2020

Yoga Shoes

10 Best White Sneakers

White Sneakers

10 Best Vans Shoes in 2020

Vans Shoes

10 Best New Balance Shoes of 2020

New Balance Shoes

10 Best Minimalist Shoes in 2020

Minimalist Shoes

10 Best Shoes for Zumba in 2020

Shoes For Zumba

10 Best Workout Shoes For Men in 2020

Workout Shoes For Men

10 Best Athletic Shoes in 2020

Athletic Shoes

10 Best Barefoot Shoes in 2020

Barefoot Shoes

10 Best Barefoot Running Shoes in 2020

Barefoot Running Shoes

10 Best Asics Running Shoes in 2020

Asics Running Shoes

10 Best Parkour Shoes in 2020

Parkour Shoes

10 Best Spikeless Golf Shoes in 2020

Spikeless Golf Shoes

10 Best Adidas Running Shoes in 2020

Adidas Running Shoes

10 Best Squat Shoes in 2020

Squat Shoes

10 Best Nike Basketball Shoes in 2020

Nike Basketball Shoes

10 Best Workout Shoes in 2020

Workout Shoes

10 Best Jordan Shoes in 2020

Jordan Shoes

10 Best Nike Shoes in 2020

Nike Shoes

10 Best Cheap Running Shoes in 2020

Cheap Running Shoes

10 Best Brooks Running Shoes in 2020

Brooks Running Shoes

10 Best Weightlifting Shoes in 2020

Weightlifting Shoes

10 Best Adidas Shoes in 2020

Adidas Shoes

10 Best Gym Shoes in 2020

Gym Shoes

10 Best Nike Running Shoes in 2020

Nike Running Shoes

10 Best Running Shoes For Men in 2020

Running Shoes For Men

20 Best Running Shoes in 2020

Running Shoes

10 Best Trail Running Shoes in 2020

Trail Running Shoes

The 10 Best Baseball Cleats

Baseball Cleats

10 Best Lacrosse Cleats

Lacrosse Cleats

The 10 Best Volleyball Shoes

Volleyball Shoes

The 10 Best Mountain Bike Shoes

Mountain Bike Shoes

The 10 Best Soccer Cleats

Soccer Cleats

The 10 Best Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes

10 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes in 2020

Indoor Soccer Shoes

The 10 Best Cycling Shoes

Cycling Shoes

10 Best Cross Country Running Shoes

Cross Country Shoes

The 10 Best Shoes for Crossfit

Shoes For CrossFit

13 Best Basketball Shoes in 2020

Basketball Shoes

The 12 Best Wrestling Shoes

Wrestling Shoes

The 11 Best Bowling Shoes

Bowling Shoes

12 Best Tennis Shoes for the Court in 2020

Tennis Shoes


Our outdoor shoes category, created by the team here at Shoe Adviser, brings you the very best kicks on the market for outdoor use. If you are looking for snowshoes, rock climbing shoes or just a pair of water shoes, this is the category for you. Our team at Shoe Adviser have carefully tried and tested each product in this category, testing out the weight, feel, comfort, durability, value and more, of each of these products.

10 Best Disc Golf Shoes in 2020

Disc Golf Shoes

12 Best Snow Boots For Women in 2020

Snow Boots For Women

12 Best Men’s Snow Boots in 2020

Men's Snow Boots

10 Best Beach Shoes in 2020

Beach Shoes

10 Best Bouldering Shoes in 2020

Bouldering Shoes

12 Best Shoes for Disney World in 2020

Shoes for Disney World

10 Best Women’s Golf Shoes in 2020

Women's Golf Shoes

10 Best Hiking Boots For Women in 2020

Hiking Boots For Women

10 Best Hiking Boots for 2020

Hiking Boots

10 Best Rock Climbing Shoes

Rock Climbing Shoes

10 Best Shoes For Walking

Shoes For Walking

10 Best Hiking Shoes For Men

Hiking Shoes For Men

10 Best Summer Shoes In 2020

Summer Shoes

10 Best Nike Walking Shoes in 2020

Nike Walking Shoes

10 Best Walking Sandals in 2020

Walking Sandals

10 Best Snowboard Bindings in 2020

Snowboard Bindings

10 Best Travel Shoes in 2020

Travel Shoes

10 Best Dog Boots in 2020

Dog Boots

10 Best Clogs in 2020


10 Best Slides in 2020


10 Best Sandals in 2020


10 Best Hiking Sandals

Hiking Sandals

10 Best Snake Boots in 2020

Snake Boots

10 Best Wading Boots in 2020

Wading Boots

10 Best Mountaineering Boots in 2020

Mountaineering Boots

10 Best Snow Boots In 2020

Snow Boots

10 Best Ski Boots In 2020

Ski Boots

10 Best Spikeless Golf Shoes in 2020

Spikeless Golf Shoes

10 Best Waterproof Shoes in 2020

Waterproof Shoes

10 Best Snowboard Boots in 2020

Snowboard Boots

10 Best Flip Flops For Men in 2020

Flip Flops For Men

10 Best Hunting Boots in 2020

Hunting Boots

10 Best Flip Flops For Women in 2020

Flip Flops For Women

10 Best Motorcycle Boots in 2020

Motorcycle Boots

10 Best Flip Flops in 2020

Flip Flops

10 Best Walking Shoes For Men in 2020

Walking Shoes For Men

10 Best Hiking Shoes for Women in 2020

Hiking Shoes For Women

10 Best Hiking Shoes in 2020

Hiking Shoes

10 Best Skate Shoes in 2020

Skate Shoes

10 Best Winter Boots in 2020

Winter Boots

10 Best Walking Shoes in 2020

Walking Shoes

10 Best Boat Shoes in 2020

Boat Shoes

Top 10 Best Approach Shoes

Approach Shoes

The 10 Best Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes

The 10 Best Climbing Shoes

Climbing Shoes

15 Best Water Shoes for in 2020

Water Shoes

The 10 Best Snowshoes for Backcountry & Mountaineering

Snow Shoes

Work & Safety

We’ve all heard the stories of accidents at work, as a result of slipping or tripping. Since this came to light, the popularity and production of work and safety non-slip and slip resistant footwear has been on the rise. In aid of these we have reviewed the top non slip shoes, but it doesn’t stop there! We’ve also completed reviews on the finest shoes for nurses. If you are a health worker, you are on your feet a lot of the day, as you’re probably aware, so protecting your feet with the best supporting footwear is a must! We also have more guides on the best shoes for different Working situations (click here to see them all).

10 Best Shoes For Walking

Shoes For Walking

10 Best Nursing Shoes in 2020

Nursing Shoes

The Best Insoles in 2020


12 Best Comfortable Shoes in 2020

Comfortable Shoes

10 Best Shoes For Narrow Feet in 2020

Shoes For Narrow Feet

12 Best Shoes for Retail Workers

Shoes For Retail Workers

10 Best Shoes For Heel Spurs in 2020

Shoes For Heel Spurs

10 Best Flats in 2020


12 Best Driving Shoes in 2020

Driving Shoes

10 Best Work Socks

Work Socks

10 Best Shoes for Supination in 2020

Shoes For Supination

10 Best Orthopedic Shoes in 2020

Orthopedic Shoes

10 Best Slip-On Shoes in 2020

Slip-on Shoes

10 Best Insoles For Work Boots in 2020

Insoles For Work Boots

10 Best Work Shoes in 2020

Work Shoes

The 10 Best Shoes for Flat Feet

Shoes For Flat Feet

The 10 Best Arch Support Shoes

Arch Support Shoes

The 12 Best Shoes for Back Pain

Shoes For Back Pain

The 10 Best Shoes for Teachers

Shoes For Teachers

The 10 Best Shoes for Bunions

Shoes For Bunions

The 10 Best Shoes for Neuropathy in 2020

Shoes for Neuropathy

The 10 Best Shoes for Nurses

Nurses Shoes

The 10 Best Kitchen Shoes For Chefs

Kitchen Shoes

The 12 Best Non Slip Shoes

Non Slip Shoes


10 Best Boot Dryers in 2020

Boot Dryer

10 Best Fabric Glues in 2020

Fabric Glue

10 Best No Tie Shoelaces in 2020

No Tie Shoelaces

10 Best Boot Laces in 2020

Boot Laces

10 Best Foot Spas in 2020

Foot Spa

10 Best Shoe Racks in 2020

Shoe Racks

10 Best Foot Massagers in 2020

Foot Massagers

10 Best Foot Creams In 2020

Foot Cream

10 Best Athlete’s Foot Creams

Athletes Foot Cream

10 Best Shoe Polishes in 2020

Shoe Polishs

The 10 Best Shoe Cleaners

Shoe Cleaner

10 Best Shoe Shine Kits in 2020

Shoe Shine Kits

The 10 Best Shoe Deodorizer’s

Shoe Deodorizer

The 10 Best Glue for Shoes in 2020

Glue for Shoes