Shoes are an important part of our everyday fashion, and they are the first thing we take off when we get home. This has to lead to many homes having a maze of shoes to get through before they can enter the living space. If you have a lot of shoes or a large family who leaves them lying around, then you will need clever ways to store your shoes at home that will keep them out of the way. Your home should be a sanctuary, which means that it is comfortable and clean. Leaving shoes lying around can really throw off the atmosphere of your home.

There are so many different ways you can store your shoes at home, so they are out of the way yet accessible. You want to keep your home tidy while still making it easy for everyone to get dressed in the morning. Storing your shoes cleverly can make all the difference to how clean your home is and how smoothly your mornings go. It is all about thinking outside of the box.

Shoe Storage Cabinets

There are a variety of different kinds of shoe storage cabinets to suit every home. These cabinets have been specially made to store your shoes, which mean they have multiple shelves and special storage containers to keep everything safe. Depending on how big your home is or how many shoes you have, there is certain to be a shoe storage cabinet for your needs. If you currently store your shoes on the floor in the entryway of your home, you could seriously benefit from purchasing a shoe storage cabinet.

Not only do shoe storage cabinets to keep your footwear in good condition and safe from dust, but they also keep your home cleaner too. Having all of your shoes organized in one cabinet will make it easier for you when trying to get dressed in the morning, as well as effectively decluttering your home to make it tidier. Many shoe storage cabinets can even double up as decorative shelving or a console table to give your hallway a fresh new look.

Hanging Shoe Organizers

Hanging shoe organizers are made from a material which makes them flexible and versatile. These are a great solution to those living in small apartments or even a dorm room, as they take all of your shoes off the floor. These shoe organizers can be hung in your closet or on the back of your door. They give you quick access to all of your shoes and work to keep everything organized. Knowing where your shoes are and ensuring that they are all in pairs will save you a lot of time when getting ready in the morning.

Hanging shoe organizers can also be used to store other items around the home if you don’t have a lot of shoes. You can also keep makeup, beauty tools, or even chargers in some of the spare pockets to declutter your floor and make you feel more organized. There are several different kinds of hanging shoe organizers, depending on how many shoes you need to store. Some come with a single column, whereas others have double rows. Most can hold up to 14 pairs of shoes, which is plenty of storage room for most people.

Molding Wall Display

For those who are very proud of their shoe collection and want to show it all off, you could use molding to hang the shoes along your wall. This is a truly unique way to store your shoes as it keeps them off the floor, and therefore out of your way, while still being very easy to access. Hanging your shoes from a pipe, tube, or skirting around your wall will give your room a unique makeover and ensures that you always know where your shoes are.

This works best for heels shoes, as you have to use the heel to hook onto the molding. This is great for those who spend a lot of time on their shoe collection and are proud of every purchase. It is also a great way to ensure that you are wearing all of your shoes, as they are always in your line of vision when getting ready. This means you may be more willing to experiment with style.

Labeled Shoe Boxes

If you cannot afford to purchase a new storage solution for your shoes, then why not use what you already have. Instead of throwing away your shoe boxes, keep them to store your shoes in when you are at home. These can be piled in a closet or cabinet to keep your shoes organized and out of the way.

To make it easier to find which shoes to wear in the morning, label each box, or put a picture on the shoeboxes of which shoes are inside. This is a clever way to store your shoes at home as it requires no additional costs and can be used everywhere.

Ottoman Storage

If you are living in a small space, you could purchase an ottoman that has a storage box inside. This allows you to keep all of your shoes in one place but keeps them hidden and out of the way. Ottomans can be very chic and make every home look attractive. If you want to give your bedroom or living room a makeover, then purchasing a storage ottoman is a great way to start.

A benefit of using an ottoman for storage is the fact that all of your shoes will be together in one place. This isn’t the most organized of storage solutions, but ottomans can be multi-purpose. As well as keeping your shoes tidy and out of the way, you can use the ottoman as a footrest or a separate stool in case you have guests over.

Pegged Coat Rack

Many homes already have a coat rack that may be going unused. If you already have a pegged coat rack, you can use this to store your shoes and keep them off the floor. If your coat rack is in use, hang up all jackets in your closet to keep the space clear.

Use the pegs to hang your shoes upright – using the foothole as the hook. This storage solution can keep your shoes organized in pairs and off the floor, giving you more room in the house. This is also a great way to get more use out of your shoes, as they are easier to see.

Open Shoe Rack

This storage solution is for those who don’t find a cabinet appealing. Instead of storing your shoes away in a cupboard or cabinet, you can keep them on an open shoe rack. This still saves your floor from having shoes strung all over the place but gives you instant access to all of your footwear. You can organize your shoes into pairs to ensure that they are all together, which will save you time when getting ready or choosing what to wear.

Open shoe racks can come in a range of designs and shapes to suit your home. You can choose a wooden shoe rack or a metallic one depending on your tastes. No matter what shape or design they are, they operate in the same way. These aren’t a great solution for people who want their home to appear minimalist and clutter free, but they are still a clever storage solution.

Storage Buckets

This is a quick storage solution to having shoes strewn across the floor. Simply use or purchase large buckets, choosing one for every member of the family, and chuck all of your shoes in there. You can keep these buckets on shelves, in a cabinet or simply leave them on the floor as they are.

You could label each bucket, so every member of the family knows where their things are being kept. Using storage buckets is a quick, if not slightly unorganized way of storing shoes. This is ideal for busy family homes as they can help you keep your home in order without much effort.

Under The Bed

One of the best storage spaces that go misused in family homes is under the bed. Storing your shoes under the bed is a great way to keep them out of sight and out of your way, while still being easily accessed when getting ready. This is only applicable if you have a bed with storage space underneath, of course, but it could make all the difference to your home.

If you need your shoes to be more organized, you can keep them stored in their shoe boxes when under the bed. Alternatively, you could use wine boxes to keep your shoes organized. Wine boxes come with dividers to prevent the bottles from rattling around together. You can use these dividers to keep your shoes separate and easily accessible. This is a great storage solution that is very thrifty, making it ideal for a range of people.


One of the biggest areas of untidiness is homes is a lack of shoe storage. Many homes just have a lot of shoes strewn around the hallway, making it difficult to enter the house without tripping over. Luckily there is a range of clever storage options for your shoes to suit every budget. You could purchase new furniture to keep your shoes organized and stored away, like a cabinet or shoe rack. However, if this is not in your budget, there are some thrifty solutions too, like using shoe boxes or wine crates for shoe organization.

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