High heels shoes can instantly make any outfit look sexy yet classy, elongating your legs to make you appear taller and more sophisticated. You can discover the most glamorous heels when looking at Pinterest or Facebook, enabling you to share your high heeled dreams with your friends or suggest your next Birthday present! However, wearing heels when walking for long periods of time can cause discomfort and pain to the balls of your feet and your toes, and in some cases causing bunions and hammertoes and lifelong problems.

There are many different actions that you can take to help make your feet feel more comfortable when wearing high heel shoes, however, enabling you to wear your favorite high heels as often as you like. We will provide you with our top tips to show you how to make heels more comfortable, combatting pain and discomfort through our ingenious hacks.

Invest in High-Quality Shoes

Good quality shoes will usually be made with better quality materials, making your high heels more comfortable. Shoes that use high-quality leather will allow the shoes to be shaped around your feet, while breathable materials will keep your feet fresh and reduce the chance of blisters forming. If you wear lower-quality materials, experts have said that the shoe will offer minimal flexibility and can rub against your skin when wearing.

Consider Where You Will Be Walking

When choosing fashion heels, it would help to consider the type of ground that you will be walking on when wearing the shoes. A different type of heel works better on different types of ground, so to find your perfect solution, adapt the thickness of the heel to a more unsteady surface. You will find that a thicker heel provides greater stability to each foot, enabling you to wear heels whatever the occasion. Additionally, experts have said that you will balance better and that there will be less chance of developing blisters during the day.


As well as a thick heel offering increased stability and comfort, a thicker sole will also provide you with benefits. Women have said that it is easier to walk with a thicker sole that offers a level of cushioning, providing padding inside of the insole as well as at the ball of the foot.

Pay Attention to the Arch

When choosing new shoes, ensure that the arch of the shoe is soft and offers a front platform as differing arch angles will offer different levels of comfort.

The Many Benefits of Deodorant

Deodorant is a key secret in the fight for comfortable feet. Applying a roll-on deodorant to the back and sides of the feet, as well as under any straps, allows the skin and the high heel shoe to glide, eliminating potential friction and any possible rubbing, reducing the creation of blisters.

Tape Your Toes

Professional ballerinas tape their third and fourth toes together to reduce the pressure felt on the balls of their feet. This is a practice that can easily be incorporated into standard everyday practice, helping to relieve pressure from the balls of your feet and helping you to wear your favorite pair of heels comfortably.

Choose Heels with Straps

A way to achieve comfortable shoes in your life is to buy heels that you like that contain a strap or a buckle. Simply close the sidebar on your shoe to adjust to the size and style that you desire, enabling you to walk in a pair of pain-free heels. Once you close the sidebar, you will feel as though each shoe was made to fit you perfectly.

Take Care of Your Heels

To receive the best wear from your heels, make sure that you look after them! Look inside your local fashion shoe store for non-slip pads that attach to the bottom of the shoe, preventing slipping and also reducing the wear and tear to the soles. You should also make sure that you source heel taps to protect the heel specifically, especially if you love a stiletto heel. Heel taps can be replaced as and when needed, providing longevity to the shoe and increasing comfort each time you wear them.

Break Them In!

To make high heels more wearable, choose a high heel that you can stretch. You may choose to wear a new pair of shoes to allow each shoe to adapt to the shape of your foot, or you could take your shoe to a local cobbler to stretch the shoe for you for instant results.

Get Your Shoe Size Accurately Measured

When you walk in a new pair of heels, you may discover that one foot or both feet experience pain. A way to prevent this is to ensure that you use a foot measuring service, adhering to a privacy policy, choosing the best and most appropriate size shoe for you. In this way, you can be sure that your shoes will fit perfectly.

Products That Prevent Blisters

You may like a pair of heels that match your style, but that lack comfort and cause you great pain, forming unsightly, painful blisters to your feet. To prevent this from happening, get the best products that can help reduce the chance of blisters forming. Dr. Scholl is a key brand from which to buy a range of different foot care products, in particular, Dr. Scholl For Her Rub Relief, rights reserved.

This one product is perfect to buy and keep inside of your handbag and use whether you are at work or going on an evening out with friends, keeping your blister prevention cream close by you at all times. Simply rub some of this cream into your feet before a blister appears, rubbing close to one or more areas prone to a blister break-out.

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