Converse shoes are a classic fashion staple that suits any outfit, providing a relaxed and casual style. Suiting both men and women along with a vast range of ages, converses look great on anyone, particularly the white canvas variety. Made largely from canvas material, converse shoes can easily attract dirt and grime, however, making your converse shoes become grubby and less appealing for you to wear. In particular, white converse shoes can become yellow and dull, requiring you to address the converse yellowing and wash your shoes. Yellowing converses can be caused through dirt and sweat stains, along with possible chemical reactions in the sunlight.

How to Clean Converse White Shoes

When asking how to clean white converses, rights reserved, there are many different approaches to adopt. Cleaning your converse shoes is an easy-to-use process that really does make a difference to your white converse shoes. If your converse shoes are made from canvas material, then you can simply place your shoes in the washing machine, using a low washing cycle and standard laundry detergent. Using the washing machine could be the first option to freshen your converse shoes, allowing your shoes to air dry once the washing machine cycle has completed.

It is important to remove the laces from the top of the shoes as well as the insole before placing your converses inside of the washing machine, however, washing the laces separately to each shoe. Cleaning the insole should be done through wiping each insole with a clean cloth and warm water. Submerging the insole could result in the insole becoming misshapen and becoming uncomfortable to use in your converses. It is not recommended to clean leather converses in the washing machine, however, only the canvas variety of the shoe.

How to Clean White Converse Shoes using Baking Soda

If your white converse shoes are particularly dirty or yellowing, you may like to use an intense approach using baking soda. First, you should make a smooth paste using an equal part of baking soda and an equal part of laundry detergent. Adding a little water to this mixture, stir to make a paste consistency. Remove the laces from the top of the converse shoes and then rub the paste into the shoes, starting at first along the top of each shoe and then progressing to cover the front and the sides, so that all the canvas material is covered in the paste.

You may also like to use the same mixture to soak the laces. Leave the shoes and the laces for around 30 minutes, allowing the mixture to clean the white areas of your converse shoes. Once you have waited for around 30 minutes, wash the areas where the paste was applied with clean, warm water, rinsing the laces thoroughly, also. Alternatively, you may like to make use of your washing machine and place the converse shoes inside of the washing machine to rinse away the paste residue.

It is recommended that the best way to dry your converses is to air dry in a dry and sunny location. However, any residue of detergent or soap may trigger a chemical reaction in the sunlight, resulting in further yellowing of your converses, rights reserved. Therefore, when cleaning your converses, ensure that you have removed the baking soda and detergent paste completely with warm water.

Once you have rinsed fully with water, use a paper towel to absorb some of the water, padding the interior of the shoe with paper towels to maintain the interior shape. To add a layer of protection from intense sunlight, wrap each shoe in paper towels to ensure that the canvas does not suffer heat distress. Whichever cleaning method you would like to use, you should air-dry the clean shoes so that the shape of the shoes remains intact. You could use a dryer to dry your clean laces, however.

How to Clean White Converse Laces with Toothpaste

You may choose an alternative method when cleaning your laces. Rubbing toothpaste into the laces could work well, utilizing the whitening action of the toothpaste to remove dirt and grime. To work the toothpaste further into the laces, use a toothbrush to scrub the material and remove as much dirt as possible. Simply rinse the laces with warm water to complete the cleaning process.

However, your laces may not revert back to the whiteness they once possessed and may need a stronger solution, such as soaking the laces in bleach. However, laces can easily be replaced, and at a very low cost, providing longevity to your converses through replacing the laces. Additionally, you could create a unique look through choosing a different color set of laces, or laces that possess a specific pattern or design.

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