Ugg boots are comfortable, warm, fleecy, and look great. Unfortunately, once you have worn them around a bit, you might find your Ugg boots are starting to look a little grimy. That means it is time to clean your Ugg boots, which is a process that needs to be approached carefully. Because Uggs are made from sheepskin with a soft wool lining, you need to clean your Ugg boots with care and make sure you are using the right methods and equipment. You will need a few specialist bits of kit in order to clean Uggs properly, but in general, it is not too hard to get hold of those.

If your Uggs are looking grimy and you are wondering if you need to buy a new pair, have no fear. It is entirely possible to restore the sheepskin to looking fresh and perfect again. You will just need to take your time and make sure that you know how to clean Uggs properly. Fortunately, we are here to help. Below, you will find a guide to how to clean Ugg boots as quickly and easily as possible, with a range of different methods and a guide to every tool you need, from baking soda and paper towels to the wonders of the suede brush. If you want to know how clean Uggs can be restored at home, just read on below to find out everything you need to know.

Removing Dirt From the Surface of your Ugg boots

The first step you should perform when you set out to clean Ugg boots is to remove any dirt, dust, or mud stuck to the surface of your Uggs. You will need a suede brush to do this properly, as the suede sheepskin upper of Ugg boots is easy to damage if you try to use the wrong tools. A good suede brush will also help to lift the nap a bit, allowing you to get your cleaning products properly into the fabric and lift out all of the ingrained dirt.

A suede brush is a specialist piece of kit, but it is a relatively easy one to get hold of. Suede cleaning kits are easy to find in most superstores or shoe stores, and usually include some suede cleaner, a suede brush, an eraser, and some sort of cleaning product. There is also a branded Uggs cleaner kit available, although it is usually cheaper to buy a generic suede cleaning kit for cleaning Uggs with.

How to Clean Ugg Boots with Suede Cleaner

The first step in using suede cleaner to clean Ugg boots is to dampen the suede. Use a sponge dipped into cold water, and then squeezed out to remove all of the excess water. You are looking to dampen your boots with cold water, not soak them completely. If you get them too wet, then you run the risk of the sheepskin and the wool separating and your boots falling apart. If you don’t have a sponge handy, then a clean damp cloth will do just fine. Take your sponge or damp cloth, and use it to carefully dampen the entirety of the upper surface of your Ugg boots. Use a gentle dabbing motion, and keep going until the surface is completely damp all over.

When your Ugg boots are damp all over, it is time to use your suede cleaner. If you don’t have access to proper suede cleaner, you can make your own by mixing equal parts white vinegar and water, although you should bear in mind that this runs the risk of discoloring your Uggs, particularly if you are dealing with a pale-colored pair of boots.

Apply your suede cleaner to your sponge, and start to gently scrub the upper surface of your Ugg boots with a gentle circular motion. As you go, you may find that you need to add more cleaner to your sponge. Do so a little bit at a time, and then return your attention to the boots, continuing to gently scrub them. It is important to only add a little at a time, rather than too much at once, and to apply it to the sponge rather than directly to your boots. Too much cleaner at once, and it will damage the suede rather than cleaning it properly!

Once you have worked suede cleaner into the material of the whole of both of your boots, it is time to rinse them clean. Wash your sponge clean, and use it to dab away the soapy water left on the surface of the boots. Continue to dab away at the surface until all of the soap residue and dirt has been washed away from your boots. Suede cleaner acts as a conditioner, so you don’t need to worry about cleaning it out of the boots completely – just make sure you get them clean from all of the visible soap and dirt on the surface!

Next, you will want to blot away the worst of the water from the suede of your boots. Using a clean cloth or microfiber towel, or even a handful of clean paper towels if that is all you have available, blot away as much of the water as you can. Use a dabbing motion for this – you are just trying to get the water off the surface, not scrub the boots more. It is generally best to use a white cloth for this step, as the water and soap can cause dyes to leech out of the cloth and stain your Ugg boots if you use a colored cloth.

Wet sheepskin can easily warp out of shape, so making sure that you dry your boots carefully is very important. Stuff your boots with screwed up paper of some sort – paper towels or newspaper will be fine – and make sure you get the toes properly filled as well as the shaft. You are just trying to give your Uggs a bit of structure while they dry at this point.

Leave your Ugg boots to air dry for a full 24 hours in a cool, well-ventilated area. Make sure you do not expose them to direct heat, as this can shrink the sheepskin and cause it to crack. That means avoiding putting them in the dryer or in front of a radiator and not trying to use a hairdryer to dry them out faster.

Be careful and patient! Once your Ugg boots are fully dry, you can take your suede brush and brush down from ankle to toe to restore the suede’s texture. Make sure you only brush in one direction, though, or the surface of your Ugg boots might start to look a bit odd!

How to Clean Ugg Boots: Scuff Marks

Scuff marks are easy to remove from Uggs. Your suede cleaning kit should include a suede eraser, which is designed to clean scuff marks away from Uggs and other suede footwear. Just rub at the scuff mark with your eraser like you would a pencil mark, and it should vanish quickly! If you don’t have a suede eraser, you can use a regular pencil eraser. Just make sure that you use a white one and not a colored eraser, as any colored eraser can leave marks on your boots, which can be harder to get rid of than the scuff mark itself!

Deodorizing Ugg Boots and Removing Stains

If you have got oil stains on your Ugg boot, it is surprisingly easy to clean off. Just rub a piece of plain white chalk over the stain and leave it overnight. If you don’t have chalk available, talcum powder or corn starch should work just as well. The next day, you can brush it away with a soft or medium brush. If there is still a trace of stain left, simply repeat the process.

If your Uggs are starting to smell bad, which is common if you wear them a lot, and particularly if you wear them without any socks, then you can deodorize them with ordinary household supplies. Simply pour a few spoonfuls of baking soda into the bottom of your boots, shake them around a bit to distribute the powder, and leave them overnight.

The baking soda will absorb the odors, leaving your boots clean and fresh. Next time you want to wear your Uggs, just make sure you remember to pour out the baking soda beforehand!

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