Finding the correct shoe size is vital if you want to be comfortable. But did you know that wearing the wrong sized shoes can also be unhealthy for your feet, resulting in foot conditions and muscle pain? Knowing your exact shoe size is something that everyone should know, and it is vital when shopping for new shoes. When you know your exact size, you will be able to shop anywhere for shoes, whether that is in-store or online, and know that what you buy will be comfortable. This can save you time when shopping in-store, as you know exactly where to look and what you need.

It is possible to locate a customer service that will measure your feet professionally, but it is also just as easy to measure your shoe size from the comfort of your own home. Simply follow this guide, and every shopping trip will be easier.

How To Measure Your Shoe Size

To measure your shoe size at home, you will need a piece of paper, tape, pencil, and an EU UK shoe size chart as this will allow you to convert your foot measurement into a size you can buy in the shops.

1) Tape Paper To The Floor

The first step in measuring your shoe size is making sure you have a secure surface to work on. It is recommended for you to rest on the floor, as you will be able to lay your feet down properly to get the most accurate measurement.

This means that you will need to tape down the piece of paper you are going to use, ensuring that it is flat and secure on the floor. You will need a hard surface as this will be easier to write on, so avoid carpet.

2) Place Your Foot Firmly on the Paper

To get the most accurate measurement for your size, you need to rest your foot firmly on the paper, which means that your leg should be bent slightly, with your shin in front of the ankle. If you are using lined paper, make sure your foot is perpendicular to any markings on the paper. It may also be useful to use a ruler to ensure your foot is straight and placed in the center of the paper, which will make it easier to measure.

You can measure your shoe size while standing or sitting down, but you may find it easier to have someone else trace around your foot if you are standing.

3) Trace An Outline Of Your Foot

To get the correct measurements for your foot length and width, which will be vital to find your shoe size, you need to trace around the shape of your foot on the paper. Make sure to trace around your foot, ensuring that the pencil is as close to your foot as possible for the most accurate measurements. You may want to wear socks when doing this if you are planning on wearing socks with the shoes you will buy.

4) Mark The Length And Width

Once you have an outline of your foot on the paper, you will now need to use a ruler for measuring the foot length and width. Using the ruler, mark the foot length and width by drawing a straight line that touches each side of the outline around the shape on the paper.

5) Measure The Length of Your Foot

Now you have a clear outline around your foot, you may find it easier to measure the foot length. You can do this by using a ruler to measure from the top to the bottom of your foot, using your longest toe as a guideline. By using the longest toe, you are getting the most accurate shoe size, as this is the tallest point of your foot.

Measuring in inches may be easier, as this is commonly found in the EU and UK sizing chart shoes. Once you have this measurement, write the number down on the paper. This is the figure that will largely determine which size will fit your feet.

6) Measure the Width of Your Foot

When measuring the width, you will need to measure between the lines on the left and right sides of your outline. Write this number down, as it may come in useful when trying to find a size as some shoes have different width.

7) Subtract 3/16ths of an Inch From Each Number

This is a tiny figure and is used to accommodate the small space that is present between the line made by your pencil and your actual foot, as this is very difficult to get precise. This is why it is recommended for you to measure in inches, as this sum will be easier to complete.

8) Use These Measurements With A EU/UK Size Chart

You will be able to find a UK size shoe chart easily online, and this will be used to determine what kind of shoes fit you properly. A size chart will have separate sections for men and women, as their shoe sizes are different, and some of them may also contain a width size chart. For those looking for shoes that fit in the UK, you may also need to find a converter for euro shoes sizes to UK size chart as these locations have different numbers.

Using an EU shoe size to UK chart will make your search for the perfect fit easier, giving you multiple sizes that you can use when shopping for shoes. Some shoe shops you search in will use UK sizing, which is numbers under 20, whereas EU sizes start at 32 for women.

Please note that the US also have different shoe sizes, so you will need to use another converter chart if shopping at US stores.

9) Take Note

Take note of your shoe size and ensure to keep it in your wallet or purse to save time when shopping.

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