Walking In Heels 101

Learning how to walk in heels can be tricky for everyone when the time comes. When you first try on a pair of heels, it can often feel like you are on stilts, with many people feeling unbalanced and wobbly on their feet. However, it is possible to master the art of walking in heels so you can always look polished, professional, and alluringly attractive.

Wearing high heels can improve your posture, appearance, and give you a boost of confidence whenever you need it. There is something very attractive about a woman in high heels, and many people love the way they make their legs look longer and more toned. It is possible for you to feel as comfortable in heels as you do in flats, as long as you are willing to be patient.

Step One: Start Small

If you have no experience in wearing heels at all, then it is recommended that you start small. Choose something that still offers you a little height, but that is durable at the same time. Many women choose to wear chunky heels, platform shoes, or wedges at this stage as these offer height and stability. Consider how big the sole is and whether the shoes have a platform, as this will help distribute the weight and make walking in heels easier.

It is very important to start small when making any kind of change in your life and fashion is no different. Choosing shoes that offer you some height but only just above ground level is going to get you used to walking with a certain gait, while still providing balance and attractiveness. Once you feel like you have found your footing with wedges or chunky platforms, you can move on.

Step Two: Take Small Steps

In order to help you find your footing, you should make sure that you are taking smaller steps when wearing heels. This goes for those who are still on step one and wearing small heeled shoes. Walking in high heels is not like walking in sneakers or flats – you cannot go as fast until you have found your balance. It is important that you take small, slow steps when wearing high heels and try not to bend your knees too much.

It is a natural reaction to bend your knees when you feel unstable, which is what most of us experience when trying heels for the first time. However, this isn’t a natural way to walk and won’t just look odd, but feel that way too. Wearing heels will naturally shorten your stride anyway, as you now have more height to deal with. Don’t try to combat this by taking big steps or walking fast, just allow yourself to get used to walking straight first.

Step Three: Walk Heel To Toe

Learning how to walk in heels can feel like you’re learning how to walk for the first time again. But this is an important step in being comfortable in heels and ensuring that you stay balanced. It may feel like a lot of work at the beginning to constantly think about every step you are taking, but with practice, it will feel as natural as being in flats. The biggest thing to learn is how to walk normally when wearing heels.

When we wear flats or sneakers, we do not apply too much pressure to the balls of our feet or, alternatively, walk flat-footed. You may find that you have the urge to do both of these when wearing heels, but you need to make sure you walk properly; going heel then toe.

Consciously put your heel down first before smoothly putting your toes down too. Once you have got your weight onto the balls of your feet, prepare for your next step by shifting your weight forward as though you are going on the tip of your toes. From here, you can start the process again.

Step Four: Focus On Posture

Walking in heels can feel like you are learning everything all over again, but this is because these kinds of shoes shift your center of gravity. As heels provide you with height and lift your body up, you may find that you are arching your lower back to keep yourself balanced. This is not only unsightly but can be quite painful as it simply isn’t a natural way to walk. When learning how to walk in heels, you need to focus on your posture and make sure you are standing straight.

The easiest way to keep yourself upright is to imagine that there is an invisible piece of string holding your head upright. When walking or standing, your head should always be in line with your spine as this will help you keep your back straight.

When your head is straight, your chin should be parrellel to the floor. Your shoulders should be back with your arms relaxed at your sides. Instead of lowering your back or bending your body, you can swing your arms gently as you walk for balance.

Step Five: Walk In A Straight Line

As you feel unbalanced when learning how to walk in heels, it is natural for you to walk unevenly. However, this can make the process worse and could lead to falls or scrapes. This can be easily avoided by imagining that you are walking on an invisible line. Use this invisible line to direct which way you are walking to keep you going straight. To make it easier to picture, think about how catwalk models walk when they wear heels.

Heels are a sexy shoe that many women choose to wear for an additional boost of confidence. Catwalk models walk in heels by putting one leg in front of the other. This action makes your hips sway and is very alluring. Make sure that you don’t overdo this, however, as it will be obvious that you cannot walk in heels. Try to keep your posture straight, yet relaxed, and keep your feet pointing in the right direction.

Step Six: Practice In Private

Learning how to walk in heels requires time and patience. If you want to master the art of walking in heels, make sure you are getting plenty of practice. This means that you should wear your high heeled shoes around the house to break them in. This will give you some time to practice your gait and learn how to keep your balance, as well as preparing you for walking on different surfaces and even going upstairs.

Practicing walking in heels at home takes some of the pressure of looking silly or making mistakes. In the privacy of your own home, you can master the way you walk in heels and make sure that you get a good look at yourself to keep track of how you are doing. It is also an excellent opportunity to break your shoes in so they are comfortable next time you wear them.

Step Seven: Standing Straight

Learning how to stand in heels is just as important as learning how to walk in them. This is important because a lot of occasions that require heels will also require you to stand from time to time. At any special occasion, you will have likely seen women shifting from foot to foot as they don’t know how to comfortably stand in heels.

The best way to stand in heels is with one foot slightly in front of the other. To master this posture, make sure that the heel of one foot is touching the middle of the other. When standing this way, keep your foot cocked at a slight angle to make it appear more natural. Put the weight on your toes for the back foot, with the other one using the back to balance. Once your feet get tired, you can swap where the weight is without moving position.

Step Eight: Keep Your Feet Comfortable

If you are struggling to walk in heels, you can get additional help. Using cushioned or gel insoles is a great way to remove some of the pain and discomfort that wearing heels can bring. Make sure that you choose insoles that have padding in both the toes and the back of the foot, as this is where most of the pressure is put.

You can also use things for balance. A great tip for learning how to walk in heels is to wear high heeled shoes to the supermarket, as you can use the cart for balance. When trying to walk around your home or even outdoors make sure there is something you can balance on. Carry your bags on both arms if you are out shopping, as this can help keep you balanced.


Learning how to walk in heels can be quite an ordeal. If you have never walked in heels, it can feel quite unnatural to be walking at such heights which will make you feel unbalanced and unstable. However, it is possible for everyone to look stylish and sexy in high heels. Making sure that you find heels that are comfortable and not too high, to begin with, is a great way to get started.

You should also make sure that you pay attention to your posture and the steps you are taking. Don’t walk too fast when learning how to walk in heels, as this can make you unbalanced. The most important thing in learning how to walk in heels is patience. It is a skill that will come to you with time and practice, so don’t give up.

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