Professional athletes need professional foot wear and no other foot wear is as famous as basketball shoes (see our top choices). Unlike most sporting shoes, these shoes are trendy and fashionable enough to be worn both on and off of the basket ball court. Basket ball shoes have been around for pretty much as long as the game itself.  Basketball originated in 1891 and 26 years later, the very first specifically designed basketball sports shoe came out. Converse released their first All-Star shoe and since then basket ball shoes have evolved into a multibillion dollar international business.

Shortly after Converse’s All-Star Basketball shoes hit the market, Chuck Taylor joined the company and loaned his basketball star name to the new brand in the 1920’s. It was only a matter of time before the name stuck and the popular sneakers were dubbed “Chuck Taylors” and even just plain “Chucks”. Suddenly, Converse All-Stars became the high-top sport sneaker of choice and a fashion statement to people of all walks of life.

These shoes have featured fashionably right through to the 20th Century. Nowadays, everyone owns a pair of Chucks in at least one style or colour. Chuck Taylor might have been the first player to have his name on a shoe but it was Walt “Clyde” Frazier who was the first NBA star to have a signature shoe of his own. In 1973, the sneaker company Puma, approached the New York Knicks star and offered him his very own signature shoe – “The Puma Clyde”.

When Was The First Basketball Shoe Made?

The comfy, fashionable shoes we know today as “Chucks” can be traced all the way back to 1917. These basketball shoes were the first full blooded basketball shoes ever. The first Converse All Stars were not always as colourful as what they are today. In the 1960’s, Converse All Stars were only available in two colours; black or white. It was only at the end of the decade did Converse decide to produce more colour varieties.

Basketball basically shaped sneaker history as we know it, first with Chucks and later with the Puma Clyde. The Puma Clyde sneaker was designed with suede upper and a wider sole for a better stance making it the most popular basketball shoe in the 70’s. Like many other basketball shoes of that era, the Puma Clyde eventually found its way off of the court and on to the streets.  Sadly, not many people realise the history behind these two pairs of shoes and how they shaped the way for sneakers all the way into the 20th century.

Literally every kind of basketball shoe since the very first Converse All-Stars have eventually made their way onto the feet of normal everyday people. The next generation of NBA Stars also meant the rise of a new wave of basketball shoes. Michael Jordan dominated both the basketball and the shoe world by wearing the most coveted basketball shoes of all time, the Air Jordan XI.

When Did Nike Basketball Shoes First Come Out?

Nike Basketball ShoesNike released their first ever pair of basketball shoes in 1972. The Bruin and The Blazer which were both composed of leather and were the beginnings of a legacy. Nike perfected these two pairs and brought out newer vers