As with any other sporting equipment, basketball shoes need to be worn properly when being used for professional sporting purposes. Half laced or loosely laced basketball shoes look sloppy and are bound to cause an injury due to lack of support. Basketball shoes are specially designed to provide the foot and ankle with support both on and off the court. Basketball manoeuvres require a lot of fancy footwork and this is why you should always use shoes with the best quality closures.

You are probably thinking that a shoe is a shoe and they all lace up the same way but certain conditions need different levels of support. If your feet do not have any issues then you would lace them the same way you would any other shoe.Feet with high arches will benefit from this method of lacing:

  • Lace the shoes in a crisscross pattern up until the bottom set of holes and then stop.
  • Lace the left shoe lace and the right shoe lace directly up both sides of the each shoe to provide higher arches with more stability.
  • Crisscross the laces one more time when reaching the very last set of holes at the top of the shoe. Tie the shoes at the top as you normally would.

Wider feet will benefit from this method of lacing:

  •  Feed the laces through the first couple of eyelets on the bottom of the shoe.
  • Lace the shoelaces straight up the shoe for the next few sets of holes without crisscrossing the laces. Continue to lace in this manner until the shoelace reaches the upper part of the foot. This will allow the shoe to be tightened without squeezing the foot.
  • Crisscross the laces for the remainder of the eyelets and tie the shoe as normal.

How to Lace Basketball Shoes Casually?

Lacing Basketball Shoes CasuallyThe most popular type of basketball shoe (click for outdoor sneakers) used for casual street wear is hands down a good old pair of canvas Chucks. These basketball shoes are rubber soled with a canvas upper and come in almost any colour you can think of. These shoes are typically associated by artists and musicians but are worn and loved by practically everyone.

Chucks have a sneaky way of making your feet look like two ski planks if they are laced up wrong. If you look at photos of people wearing Chucks, you will immediately notice that they are hardly ever laced in a criss cross fashion but rather horizontally. There are two ways of achieving this horizontal method of lacing:

The first method is as follows:

  • Feed the lace through the bottom two holes of the shoe, with the laces facing inward toward the tongue of the shoe.
  • Pull on the laces so that one side is slightly longer than the other side. Feed the shorter of the two through the opposite topmost eyelet of the shoe with lace facing away from the tongue of the shoe.
  • Now take the leftover lace which is the longer one and feed it through the eyelets form side to side until you reach to top eyelet. You should now have horizontal laces with two pieces to tie at the top of the shoe.

The second method is as follows:

  • Tie a small knot at the end of one side of the shoelace and feed it through the bottom eyelet with the knot facing toward the tongue of the shoe.
  • You should now have one long lace which is anchored by the knot. Feed this long lace horizontally through the all of the eyelets till you reach the top most eyelet of the shoe.
  • You should now have horizontal laces as well as a single lace on one side of the shoe. Take this lace and tuck it away neatly inside the shoe.

How Tight Should Your Shoes Be?

How Tight Should Your Shoes BeA loose or poorly tied basket ball shoe is a danger to yourself as well as other players on the basketball court. This is a fast paced game with players running, jumping and changing direction at a very high speed. Your basketball shoes should be laced up properly with the necessary closures in place to ensure that your risk of spraining or twisting an ankle is diminished.
Considering that professional basketball players rely on the game for their livelihood, an injured knee or ankle could very well spell the end of their careers.

It is imperative to always use any kind of sporting equipment properly when using them for sporting purposes. If you are using your basketball shoes as a fashion accessory only, then you can wear them around your neck if that pleases you but for professional matches you should wear them in a proper and professional manner. Any type of sporting shoe will have a generally tighter fit on the athlete’s foot.

This is to ensure maximum support for the arches and ankles during a game or practise session. These shoes have been designed with basketballs footwork in mind and although they should fit snug on your feet you do not want them to be too tight. This could cause circulation problems in the feet and toes.

How Do You Break In New Basketball Shoes?

Nothing beats the excitement of a new pair of shoes. The fresh leather smell and the smoothness of the brand new leather paired with the puffiness of freshly laced shoelaces. The excitement soon gives way to the excruciating pain of your heels and toes being rubbed raw because of the not yet bro9ken in pair of shoes. Happiness turns to tears while you soak your blistered feet and you swear to never put your poor feet inside those demonic shoes ever again.

Having a little more patience in the future will spare you and your feet the torture that comes with wearing a new pair of shoes. Most importantly, make sure your shoes are the right size. Too small and they squeeze and compress your toes while too big will leave room for chaffing. Put aside an hour each day and dig out the thickest pair of socks you can find. Wear these socks with your new shoes for short periods of time in and around the house until you find that they have become more comfortable.

Repeat this procedure while gradually building up to longer periods of time inside the shoes. In no time at all, you will find that your feet and shoes will become more adjusted to one another, allowing you to wear them comfortably.


Basketball shoes are designed with professional sportsmen and athletes in mind. Without the proper support offered by these shoes, serious injuries can occur to the knees and ankles. Both of these areas can be career breakers if damaged badly enough or repetitively. Play it safe, and use your basketball shoes the way they were designed to be used.

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