Sometimes it is just not possible to wear the store bought anti-slip shoes. You want to wear heels with that evening dress. There are ways to ensure great traction on any shoe that is easy and fast to apply and will solve your problem of what shoe to wear to that glitzy party or work function.

Anti-slip spray for Shoe?

Anti Slip SpraySometimes you want to wear shoes that do not naturally comes with slip-proof soles, such as high heels for ladies or for men those smart Versace shoes that you wear to work, these types of high fashion shoes tend to have smooth, slippery soles and are not ideal when you are going to be doing a lot of walking or maybe walking in areas where you could encounter water or oil on the floor.

The answer to this problem is to make the soles a little more secure by enhancing their grip. How to do this is easy if you are going to use an anti-slip spray that you can purchase either at Amazon on almost any other shoe store.

The anti-slip spray gives your shoe more traction so walking on smooth polished wooden floors, wet icy pavements and other hazardous surfaces will be a lot safer to do. Not only that but they will enhance your sneakers giving you an edge when playing basketball, or doing other sports, as well as running and jumping. The spray is long lasting and will enhance any shoe you want to wear, helping you to avoid ending up face down or on your bum after a nasty fall.

It is also simple and easy to use, simply spray on and leave. Each manufacturer will have set times for leaving the spray on before using your shoe depending if you are looking for medium to heavy traction on your sole. Ensure that you read the manufacturer’s directions as if you leave it for too little time you could find that you do not get the traction you are looking for.

Anti-slip Shoe Soles

Applying anti-slip shoe soles will not only help you to avoid embarrassing falls that can also cause serious injury, but also protect your soles especially when you do a lot of walking. Using anti-slip shoe soles are a great addition to your high fashioned shoes that are not designed for walking on smooth, wet or oily surfaces.

Walking in both flat and heeled shoes have the propensity to slipping if they do not have non-slip soles. Those high heeled beautiful shoes you so want definitely will not offer you the non-slip soles you need when walking on smooth wooden floors, or when you encounter areas where there is water or grease on the floor.

They are simple and easy to apply and will not cost you a fortune, but most importantly they will not damage or disfigure your precious shoes. They are also great to use on your old sneakers or boots when their traction has worn down. Shoe grips for your soles will not only help you to prevent yourself from slipping, it will also help you care for your shoes and extend their lifespan.

You can get them in different sizes and colors, perfect to apply to any type of shoe with smooth flat soles. All you need to do is peel away the backing, position the grip and then press it against the sole of your shoe for as long as the manufacturer recommends, usually a few seconds.

The important part of the process is positioning the grips. On high heels especially just place the pads on the ball and heel of the shoe as these are the areas that need the traction. Cut to size and you are good to go.

Non-slip Shoe Pads

Non-slip shoe pads are usually made from a rubber material that has a texture to ensure that you get the best traction you can. They are not only great for shoes that do not have the anti-slip soles you need but also to enhance the traction on your current sneakers to give you that extra grip you need.  Great for basketball players, who need traction on their soles to do their best or other athletes to increase their ability to grip the court, make tight turns without slipping, or running through water or over slippery surfaces.

Perhaps you are the lady who loves her high heels but finds that often you do not have the grip you need to keep your feet stable in them, such as when walking on smooth polished floors. A good quality non-slip shoe pad will add a strong layer of rubber to the heel and foot of your shoe to give you that extra grip that you need. Easy to use as they are self-adhesive and you can sue them for any type of shoe. Just peel the back away and apply to your sole.

Each manufacturer will have a different lead time for allowing them the dry and affix to the sole, so make sure you read your instructions properly. Non-slip shoe pads not only give you better traction they also protect the sole of your shoe and give it a longer lifespan.


Enhancing the traction on your shoes makes sense, especially if you are wearing shoes that do not lend themselves to non-slip soles such as dress shoes for men, or high heels for ladies. Most are easy to apply and non-obtrusive so they won’t change the look of your pretty or smart shoes.

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