Summer is fast approaching, and now is the time to get prepared for it. Although summer is a wonderfully relaxed time of year, it still has its stressful moments, especially for those who want to dress well. Getting ready in the summer can be quite the ordeal if you haven’t prepared. As the weather gets hotter, we need to accommodate it. Wearing loose clothing that shows off our arms, legs, and sometimes even midriff is the way to go.

But what about our feet? No summer outfit is complete without a stylish pair of sandals to go with it. There are so many different types of sandals out there, each with their own unique style and designs. Every year the trends change, so what you had last year mightn’t be suitable for this summer. We’re going to help you out by showing you the hottest sandal trends for summer 2020.

The Classic Slider Sandal

Some trends come and go, whereas others are here to stay, and this seems to be the case for the classic slider sandal. These sandals are similar to thongs or flip-flops in the fact they have all of your foot exposed and are very loose on the foot. Sliders are incredibly comfortable as they don’t have anything going in between your toes and usually just have a thick band to keep your feet in the sandal. These types of sandals are very chic and can go with any outfit.

There are so many different kinds of slider sandals available; whether you’re opting for classic black leather or perhaps you want to jazz things up by wearing fluffy sliders. It is best to choose a style that is simple and in a neutral shade so they will go with everything. These kind of sandals are incredibly comfortable and keep your feet cool all summer long. They are easy to wear and will undoubtedly go with every outfit you choose.

Thong Sandals

We have already mentioned them, but thongs or flip-flops for women and men are the classic summer shoe. Whether you’re going to the beach, hanging around the pool or simply shopping in the city, thongs are versatile and will suit every occasion. For 2020, these sandals have had a makeover. Now thongs can be worn for special occasions as many are now coming with heels. There are so many different kinds of thong sandals meaning there is certain to be a pair that will go with all your summer outfits, both night and day wear.

Like slider sandals, thongs keep most of your feet exposed meaning they are very cool and comfortable to wear. They are kept on your feet by a fabric that goes in between your toes. Women’s and men’s flip flops are incredibly easy to wear and can be worn quickly, making them ideal for those who are always running late when getting dressed. Thongs are versatile and simply stylish. Be bold this summer and try a new style of thongs to go with your nighttime dresses.

Block Heel Sandals

Block heels are a huge trend this year as they are very reminiscent of the 1990s. Block heels are great to wear for every occasion as they are comfortable, stylish, and still provide you with additional height. In the summer, you can choose block heel sandals to wear for your nighttime occasions. If you select a neutral and simple design, they could also be worn during the day, depending on your personal style.

Our favorite kind of block heel sandals is those in a neutral or nude shade. These work to elongate your legs and make you look taller, which is incredibly attractive and can work to every woman’s advantage. Opt for a style of block heel sandal that has simple thong straps as this will help contribute to making your legs look longer.

Strappy Sandals

Strappy sandals are always going to be in fashion, one way or another. For this summer, strappy sandals now come with cute patterns to draw attention to your legs. The most popular pattern for this summer is a leopard, as it is once again very reminiscent of the nineties. This is a great way to jazz up any outfit as it is still on trend but offers something different. Strappy sandals for this summer have thick straps, which are more comfortable and easy to wear.

You could opt for strappy sandals that have a heel or even a wedge heel to make them appropriate for day or night occasions. Try to choose something that only reveals a little bit of your foot through the straps, as this is very sexy and will give every summer outfit an extra little something.

Barely There Sandals

Less is more, and it seems like this trend is still going for summer 2020. After spending months with your feet trapped in socks, chunky boots or sneakers you want to let them breathe, and there’s no better way of doing it than in some stylish barely there sandals. Barely there sandals are like a more minimal version of the strappy sandal, as they use very thin straps. The sandal’s sole is likely to be very thin as well as the whole shoe is minimal in its style.

As they are minimal, barely there sandals can go with every outfit and will suit every occasion. There is a range of styles and colors available. As barely there sandals are so subtle, we recommend choosing a pastel shade like lilac or pink to give each outfit a little pop of color.

Leather Wrap-Around Sandal

Leather wrap-around sandals are incredibly chic and sexy. These sandals are best worn when in black or brown, as they will go with every outfit, and require you to tie them up yourself. Wrap-around sandals can go high up on your leg, making them ideal for shorts and dresses. These kind of sandals are more popular when they are worn flat, but it is possible to buy them with heels if that is more your style.

When tying wrap-around sandals, make sure you keep the pattern even and open, to show off more of your legs. This kind of sandal can be very alluring as they are suggestive and can work to your advantage. If your legs are your best bit and you want to show off your summer tan, then you need some leather wrap-around sandals in your life.

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T-Strap Sandal

As their name suggests, this kind of sandal has a unique strapping system. They are similar to sliders in the way they have a bar that supports your toes, but T-strap sandals have another line of material running down from this. In 2020, these types of sandals are best when the straps are thin. T-strap sandals can be an excellent alternative for heels when going out with your girlfriends this summer, providing you choose a style with a block heel.

These sandals are minimalist and chic, ensuring that they will go with every outfit and occasion. As these sandals have a simple style, why not be bold this summer and choose a bright color. We’d recommend red or even yellow for this kind of summer shoes, as they’ll get you all the right kind of attention.

Chunky Sandals

For those who struggle to let go of their chunky boots each time summer comes around, don’t worry, there is an option for you. Chunky sandals will still allow your feet to breathe and are more weather-appropriate, but they do offer a statement with every outfit. This kind of sandal can come in a range of styles with different straps, but the most important thing is how big the sole is.

Chunky sandals are incredibly versatile as they offer height. This means that they can be worn for nighttime events, but they comfortable enough to be worn every day. Chunky sandals can come in a range of colors, but our favorites are those with patterned straps – like leopard or checkered – and a neutral shaded sole. Brown, black or even wooden soles are all the range and will go with all outfits this summer.

Rope Knotted Sandals

The summer brings about images of the beach, the sea and generally being in the water. It seems as though fashion has also taken this nautical trend and now we have rope sandals. Rope sandals are made from rope and can come in a range of different colors. Our favorite is the classic brown rope or white for a little something different.

Wearing rope sandals will make you feel like your on vacation all summer long. They are super cute and something different for 2020. Rope sandals are very strappy and flat, meaning they are ideal for all kinds of daytime occasions. Most rope sandals have thong straps. They look great with floral dresses or jean shorts for an outfit that truly screams vacation vibes.


Finding the best sandals for the summer can be quite tricky, as there are so many different styles and trends. There are so many different kinds of sandals available to suit every woman and style. For summer 2020 the biggest trend is the 1990s, so think leather, leopard print, and chunky soles.

If you are choosing sandals with a heel, go for something that is chunky and low as this is the current trend. Not only are this kind of sandals very stylish, but they are also comfortable to walk in meaning you will get more wear out of them. Don’t be afraid to be bold this summer and choose sandals that have a pop of color or a pattern to them.

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