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Getting motivated to start running more regularly can be difficult. Even with the best intentions, it can be hard to bring yourself to get out there and start running, as the comfort of your home is welcoming and running is not always a particularly appealing prospect. We’ve all been there: you decide that you’re going to get in shape and start running regularly, you buy a whole load of specialist running gear, and then… you never quite get around to starting this new running routine.

That’s something everyone can relate to, and there’s no shame in admitting to it. We’ve all been there. So how do you deal with that lack of motivation to start running? Even with the best intentions, it can be hard to get around a lack of motivation. But did you know that there’s a link between motivation for running and buying the right pair of running shoes?

That’s right, if you have the right shoes for your feet, you can find yourself much more motivated to start running regularly. But how does that work? Well, here at Shoe Advisor, we’re here to help and explain how this all works to you. Below, you’ll find a brief guide to how motivation and buying the right running shoes connect to one another, helping you to get the best out of your plans for running.

Motivation for Running

Motivation is a vital part of running regularly. If you don’t have any motivation, you’re not going to get out there and start running. It’s really that simple! The difference between successful runners and those who don’t run is almost entirely down to motivation – anyone can run, and anyone can learn to become good at running with practice. It’s not some innate talent, but a learned fitness skill, and motivation to start running is the most important part of getting good at running.

What you’re looking for when starting to run is a reason to get out there and hit the road. That has to be a reason that will actually work and actually get you out there, rather than a vague idea like “I want to get fitter.” You’re going to need something concrete that makes a difference to your running plans, and that’s where buying the right pair of running shoes comes in. This can make a massive difference to your motivation and is a more important consideration than you might expect.

How do Running Shoes Fit Into Motivation For Running?

Confidence is a massive part of many different activities. If you feel like you look great, then you are going to perform better. This applies to everything from running to business to dating and is an element that should not be neglected. If the act of putting on your running gear makes you feel ready to perform, then you are ready to perform, and you’ve already broken through a major battle.

Buying running shoes that make you feel like a professional runner is an important part of getting motivated to run. That means making sure that they fit your feet well and feel comfortable, and ensuring that you feel like you look great as soon as you put them on. What you’re looking for, then, is shoes that get you excited to run; shoes that you look forward to putting on, that help you feel great and energetic. That can be easier to achieve than you might expect, fortunately!

Types of Running Shoe

There are three main different types of running shoe that you should be aware of, as all three offer very different running experiences and will significantly affect how you run. Choosing the right type of running shoe is important, and you should consider where and how you plan to run, as running with the wrong kind of running shoe can be uncomfortable and can lead to serious injury to your feet, ankles, legs, hips or even back as you run!

Road running shoes are the most standard option, suitable for most casual runners. These are designed for running on pavements, roads, and other hard and relatively even surfaces. Road running shoes are lightweight and flexible, offering a high level of cushioning and stabilization for repetitive running cycles across hard, flat surfaces.

The second type of running shoe to consider is cross-training shoes, which are thin-soled shoes with minimal padding. These are designed for use in gyms or for CrossFit workouts and are ideal for activities where you’re looking for a high level of contact with the ground beneath your feet.

The third and final major class of running shoes that are worth being aware of when you’re looking to buy shoes to help motivate you to start running is trail running shoes. These are designed for running on rough surfaces and off-road trails with rocks, mud, uneven ground, and even hazardous roots. These shoes tend to be reinforced for stability, support, and protection, and feature much more textured treads for solid traction on unstable and difficult surfaces.

Understanding your Feet

Choosing shoes that look great and help you to feel confident can make a big difference to your motivation to get running, but it is important to understand your feet so that you can find comfortable and supportive running shoes. If your shoes are uncomfortable, you’re not going to be motivated to run more than once! Comfortable and cushioned running shoes that make your feet feel great will help to motivate you to run more regularly, as long as you look forward to putting on your running gear and getting out there on the road.

The most important thing you need to know about your feet is the mobility of your feet so that you can understand whether you need a more flexible shoe or one that offers more stability and support. The more stable your foot is, the more flexible the shoe you’re going to need. Similarly, a more flexible foot is going to need more stability and support.

You’re also going to need to understand how your feet move when you run. Take a look at the soles of your current pair of shoes, and look at which areas are most heavily worn down. If the area across the ball of your foot is worn evenly across your shoes, then you have a normal gait and need normal shoes. If the wear is focused towards the insides of your shoes, then you have a pronated gait and will need shoes designed to support pronation.

If the wear on your shoes is focused towards the outside, however, then you have a supinated (or under pronated) gait and are going to need shoes designed to support supinated feet. Buying shoes that are designed for your specific gait will make a massive difference to your comfort and can make running something to look forward to rather than to dread.

How to Pick the Right Running Shoe For You?

Once you’ve worked out the type of running shoe you need for your running plans and what level of support your feet need, you’re most of the way to picking a great pair of shoes to help motivate you to run more often. These are the two main things you need to consider for comfort and protection, but comfort and protection are not the only aspects of running shoe design that can help you to feel motivated for running.

The importance of finding a pair of shoes that help you feel confident and like you look great when you’re running is not to be underestimated. Looking for a pair of shoes that look slick, professional, and a bit flashy is entirely worthwhile, as it can actually make a huge difference to your levels of motivation.

You might not think it can make much of a difference to performance, but what’s the point in high performance if you’re not even motivated to run at all? Focus on what makes you feel good rather than on what helps you run as fast as possible!

Looking after your running shoes

Once you’ve found a pair of running shoes that help to get you motivated to run more regularly, you’re going to need to know how to look after them, as you don’t want to have to find another pair that offers the same motivation boost! After heavy use, even the best running shoes can get sweaty and in need of a good clean. A good pair of socks for sweaty feet can also help.

Unfortunately, running shoes through the washing machine fatigues the materials and can significantly reduce their lifespan. If you want to protect your investment in expensive, comfortable, great looking running shoes, you’re going to need to wash them by hand.

Start by removing the laces and running insoles and scrubbing off any chunks of grime and dirt with a stiff, dry brush to get rid of the worst of the soiling. Fill a sink with warm soapy water, grab a sponge or soft brush, and you’re ready to get started. Scrub the entirety of your running shoes with this soft brush or sponge, using something smaller such as a toothbrush to reach difficult spots, and make sure you’ve washed the entirety of each shoe.

Rinse your shoes in cold water, and then leave them to air dry, and they should be fresh and comfortable once again, letting you feel ready to run again now that your shoes are returned to good condition.

Other ways to get Motivated for Running

A great way to get motivated to start running if buying a great new pair of running shoes isn’t quite getting you out of the door is to start running in the early morning. That feeling of accomplishing something before the rest of your family are even out of bed can make a huge difference, and you can quickly and easily get hooked on starting the day with that rush of endorphins.

Combining this with a new pair of running shoes can be an enormous boost for your motivation, helping you to find that kickstart you need in order to start running regularly.


Finding the motivation to start running is the single most important thing you can do if you want to run regularly. That motivation is vital to getting out of the door and running, and without it, you’ll never get far. Buying a new pair of running shoes that help you feel confident and ready to get going is an amazing way to boost your motivation, and can help anyone to start running far more often.

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