Having the best tennis shoe is not just about the shoe itself. You can have the best shoe that is lightweight, the perfect traction and more, however if the shoe does not fit correctly you are not going to get any of the comfort, support or other benefits having a specifically designed tennis shoe (click here for our full guide).

How is a Tennis shoe Supposed to Fit?

Tennis shoes should fit comfortably. They should have a tight and secure fit so that your foot does not slip when playing and walking. There should be about a 3/8 to 1/2 inches between your toe and the end of the shoe to give you some lee-way, especially because you will be moving, stopping and pushing off during the game and your toes need some room. The heel of the shoe should not be too tight but tight enough that you do not slip when you are walking. Tennis shoes should have a glove like fit so that you can move around with them easily.

They should mold to your feet keeping them supported and comfortable at all times. If the shoe is too loose it will lead to you tripping or falling as they will not offer you the support you need when playing. Make sure however that they are not too tight on your feet, as this will also lead to discomfort, they should stretch out a bit once they have been broken in, so even if they feel a little tight in the beginning it is not a bad thing.

When fitting the shoe make sure that you take along the socks you will be wearing when playing to ensure that with the thickness the shoe fits properly. Also ensure that you walk around in the shoe, stand on your toes and make sure that the comfort level is high when fitting the shoe.

How much room Should be in the toe of a Shoe?

Room at the end of a Tennis ShoeThere should be a good 1/2 to 3/8 room in the toe region, between the tip of your big toe to the top of the shoe, to ensure that you have ultimate comfort. You should always keep in mind that you will need some space in the toe area for when you are moving around, however you do not want to have too much room either as if your foot is going to slide inside your shoe, you are going to end up hurting your toes.

Remember when fitting your shoe you should test it out a bit in the shop. Make sure that you bring the socks you are going to be using when wearing the shoes, as if you fit them with thicker socks or thinner socks you will not get the proper fit, and will not be able to judge if your toes are too close or too far from the front of your shoe. Having a shoe that is too tight and not roomy enough in the toe area, can cause you to experience fatigue or pain while playing.

How to wash Tennis Shoes in Washing Machine?

Washing your tennis shoes in a washing machine is easy but you must make sure you do not damage your shoes in the process. There are a couple of things to consider when you want to wash you tennis shoes in the machine. First, take the laces out of the shoe and place them in a pillow case or a wash bag if you have one available.  Do not leave them in the shoe when washing as you will damage the shoe and the laces.

Do not put them loose into the machine as they may get sucked into the outlet pipe. Second, you should always do a pre-clean of your shoes. Make sure that there is no debris on the shoes such as sand or mud. Wipe the shoes down gently before putting them in the machine. Never place the shoes in the machine on their own.  The machine will not be balanced and your shoes will bang against the sides of the machine damaging both machine and shoes.

Ensure that you put some towels into the machine with your shoes to balance the load and stop the shoes from banging around on the inside of the machine. Once you have washed your shoes take them out of the machine and let them air dry before re-lacing them ready to use again.

How Tight Should Shoes Fit?

How tight should Tennis Shoes beTennis shoes need to have a reasonably tight fit. This is so that your foot does not slip and slide in the shoe. There should be a glove like fit to the shoe, so that the shoe feels like it fits tightly enough to move with your foot giving it the support and stability you need when moving around the court. You will need to be able to push-off explosively, jump and run in the shoe.

You also need to be able to have the flexibility you need to stop and turn in an instant and this can only be accomplished if you have a shoe that fits rather tightly around your foot, molding to it so that your foot and shoe move in unison with each other.


A tennis shoe is designed to give you the support and stability you need on the court, along with comfort and great traction. If you have a shoe that does not fit right, or is too tight or too lose you will lose the benefits of the shoe and not be able to perform at your best on the courts.

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