Not everybody can wear the same shoes. There is a profound difference in the needs of a women from a man when it comes to shoes and Under Armour (click for main review) caters for these needs. Under Armour caters for the whole family as they also produce some of the best kid’s athletic shoes and sandals around.

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What under Armour mens Shoes Should i Buy?

When looking to buy an athletic shoe, or any shoe for that matter, you need to consider the fit before anything else. If the fit is right, then the comfort and support levels of the shoe will come into their own. Under Armour just as most shoe manufacturers recognise that there is a big difference between men’s and ladies shoe and they have designed shoes that are specifically made to accommodate the different sexes. The men’s shoes in the Under Armour range include basketball shoes, running shoes, sandals and other types of shoes.

They are designed to give the male athlete the support they need to be able to perform at their best. Their men’s range are a little wider to accommodate the width of the male foot. Not only have Under Armour taking the size of the shoe into consideration when it comes to the design of their men’s shoes, but also the cushioning they provide. Men tend to weigh more than women and this leads to them having a much heavier impact on the surface when they are either walking or running.

Under Armour has just the right amount of cushioning to cater for men in their range, their technology also allows the shoe to absorb the load and reduce the stress that is commonly placed on joints such as ankles, knees and hips. Men tend to have a much deeper angle of impact than women when walking or running. Simply put, the man’s angle of landing is generally greater than a ladies.

Under Armour have designed to shoe to compensate for this in their line of men’s shoes. The heel of a man’s shoe is a little more angled to allow for the way they hit the surface. The style of the shoe, along with the fit are import to men looking to buy athletic shoes. Men tend to enjoy the simpler shoe that is functional and durable, style comes in second here, unlike when ladies look for their shoes.

What are the Most Ideal Under Armour Womens Shoes?

Like most of your other shoe manufacturers Under Armour recognise that there is a difference in men’s and ladies footwear. Women tend to need require a different construction in their shoes from men. A women’s shoe need to distribute the load evenly to act as an effective shock absorber. They also tend to be sized smaller than men’s shoe, and this sizing is mainly to do with the width of the shoe.

Under Armour has created a stunning range of ladies footwear to cater for the female athlete, as well as the women who work in professions where being on their feet all day require them to have a shoe that not only protect their feet but keeps them comfortable. When designing their women’s shoes Under Armour has taken into consideration that women need greater motion control in their shoes than men.

This is due to the fact that they tend to have wider hips. Due to this the Q angle or slant of their upper legs are greater than a man’s. Female athletes tend to walk on the outside of their feet more than their male counterparts. This means they are more prone to rolling their foot inwards which causes them to put stress on their joints and especially their knees. Under Armour recognises this and have catered for the ladies by designing shoes that suit their gate and way of walking or running.

Under Armour design their ladies shoes with a narrower heel which allows the shoe to cater for the ladies shaped foot which tend to have narrower heels and ankles than men athletes. Then of course there is the issue of style. Men generally prefer plainer shoes than women. Women like the brighter colors and more stylish look and Under Armour accommodates them here with a great variety of shoes that are both fun, functional and funky.

What under armour Shoes for kids?

Under Armour has developed a great kids range of athletic shoe that is designed to keep their feet protected at all times. There are some pertinent points to look out for when purchasing your child’s Under Armour shoe. Kids need as shock-absorbing sole that will give them the kind of protection they need when running, jumping or simply walking. They will also need a supportive arch, firm heel support and a flexible and comfortable forefoot.

Under Armour Shoes for KidsUnder Armour caters for all these needs in their range of kid’s sporting shoes. The fit and size of the shoe are of major importance when looking to buy your child a pair of Under Armour shoes. Let them try the shoe on with the same socks they are likely to wear with them in order to get the right sizing. The shape and size of your child’s foot will determine what size Under Armour shoes will be best for them.

Ensure that your child gets the right arch support in their Under Armour shoe and that their heel holds the foot in place comfortably. If your child needs inserts like arch supports, be sure to bring those along when trying out your shoes for size. Do not assume when fitting an Under Armour shoe that it wills stretch over time as this is not strictly true. It is not uncommon for one of your child’s feet to be slightly larger or smaller than the other one. Ensure that you fit the bigger one into the shoe first.


Buying the right shoe to get the best performance means getting the right size and design of shoe. Men’s and ladies shoes are designed differently to help them in the areas where they need it the most, this goes for kids shoes too. Under Armour recognises this and has a broad range of all three different types of shoe, for Mom, Dad and child.

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