There are a number sporting goods stores that sell these specialized types of shoes. But wherever you buy your water shoes from you need to get the best ones you can to fit your needs and requirements depending on how, and where and for what purpose you will be using your water shoes – click here for our full buying guide.

How to wash Water Shoes?

It is very important to clean your water shoes properly or you will end up with a very smelly pair of shoes that you do not want to wear. Try using a shoe deodorizer. Not keeping your shoes clean can also lead your feet developing a fungus infection and this is something you need to avoid. Washing your shoes after each time you wear them will definitely go a long way to preventing not only bad odors but also any kind of fungal infections you might pick up. Cleaning your water shoe is actually a very simple task and should be done each and every time you have worn them in water.

First, loosen the rubber fasteners on the shoe, then rinse them properly under hot running water to get the excess debris off them such as sand if you have been at the beach. Next, you should give them a good scrubbing using dishwahing detergent or hand soap, you can also use wetsuit soap if you have or even shampoo will do. Using a small amount of baking soda in your solution can also help with any odor problems you might have. Make sure you scrub not only the outside of the shoe but also the inside properly.

Once you have finished scrubbing the shoe, rinse it out properly using hot water, be sure to get all of the soap off the shoe, you can even soak it for a short while in clean water to ensure all the soap is cleaned off. Then you will take some newspaper, or a dry rag to remove the excess water from the shoe. Air drying the shoe is the best way to get it dry, however, if you find that they take a little longer to dry due to the climate you live in, then you can use your hairdryer to dry them out quickly.

How to keep water shoes from Smelling?

Smelly water shoes are a common problem and the reason for this is that they are left wet and uncleaned after use. This causes bacteria to grow and thrive and not only leads to smelly shoes but also contributes to the development of fungal infections on your feet. It is very important to clean and dry your shoes once you have used them in water to avoid both the smell and the risk of getting a fungal infection. Most water shoes are made from a synthetic material, usually neoprene and rubber.

This means that they do not also breathe as easily as natural materials. The odor on these shoes are usually caused by bacteria and fungus, these microorganisms tend to thrive in warm and wet conditions and if you simply remove your shoes and put them in a bag or in a cupboard, you are giving them the perfect environment to thrive in. So how do you prevent odor in your wet shoes. The answer involves you both washing the shoes properly, drying them out properly and deodorizing.

The first step naturally will be to wash the shoes thoroughly after use. Make sure that your shoe is open and all straps, buckles or rubber fasteners are loosened. Fill a bucket or the sink with some warm water and add some soap and about a half a cup of baking soda to the mix. Place the shoes in the water and let them soak for a few minutes. Take a sponge and add some baking soda on the sponge itself. You will then have to scrub both the inside of the shoe as well as the outside.

Once you have thoroughly scrubbed the shoes rinse them off under some hot water, replace the dirty water in the sink or bucket, add some more baking soda and let the shoes soak again for approximately half an hour. Remove the shoe from the sink and drain the water out again. Run hot water and rinse the shoes off properly under the running water. Using a towel dry your shoe thoroughly, smell the shoes to determine if any odor remains.

Stop water shoes from smellingIf you find they are still a little smelly, you can add some baking power on the shoe and then leave it overnight.  Be sure to the rinse the shoe again properly in the morning and dry it out again properly too. If you do not have the time to wash out your shoe properly after every use, then keep some baking soda handy and sprinkle it over the shoe after removing them, baking soda tends to absorb the odors and

keep your shoe smelling better, however if this is not enough to get rid of the smell, then you can use something like activated charcoal deodorizers in the shoe overnight to help to deal with the odors. Leave the disk or sachet inside the shoe and this will also help to absorb the odors from your shoe.

Can you Swim in Water Shoes?

Yes, you can swim in your water shoes. They are designed to be used in water and will not get waterlogged. They are designed to offer your feet protection when walking in water or swimming, protecting your feet from the unseen dangers below the surface. On top of this, they also add some extra support for your foot while swimming.

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Maintaining your water shoe will help to prolong their lifespan. If you are going to be using them in water, be sure to clean them properly to prevent odors. These are highly versatile shoes and can be used for swimming, hiking, kayaking and more, and if you take care of them properly, then they will last a long time and keep your feet supported and protected while you enjoy your water sports.

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