Although you can do CrossFit in any shoe, it is not the best idea. Having the correct shoes for CrossFit will not only keep you stable on your feet during your weights session and more, but will also prevent injury and allow you to perform at your best when hitting the CrossFit box.

Can I use volleyball Shoes for CrossFit?

There is nothing preventing you from using your volleyball shoes to do your cross training in and vice versa. In fact CrossFit shoes make great volleyball shoes as they are designed to enable you to change direction and type of movement rapidly which is perfect for volleyball. CrossFit shoes are extremely versatile, just as versatile as the type of training you do when doing CrossFit.

CrossFit shoes are built to be able to cope with heavy impact, this is the same with volleyball shoes as when you play volleyball you will be doing a lot of jumping and shock absorption qualities are a requirement in both styles of shoes. CrossFit training shoes also offer ankle protection which is a great plus in volleyball. Many volleyball injuries are due to ankles being twisted when playing.

Another aspect of CrossFit shoes that measure up when playing volleyball is the fact that they are designed for lateral movement, this is very important when playing volleyball as moving at speed, stopping and starting and changing direction is an inherent aspect of the sport. So wearing CrossFit shoes for volleyball and using volleyball shoes for CrossFit is quite acceptable.

In saying this there are different styles of CrossFit, depending on what type of exercise you will be concentrating on, so when selecting your CrossFit for volleyball or using a volleyball shoe for CrossFit you need to take this into consideration. If you are going to be incorporating more lifting that any other activity into your CrossFit regime, then perhaps it would not be best to select a volleyball shoe to train in but a weight lifting shoe or a CrossFit that offers the best lifting support and stability you can get.

Can you wear Running Shoes for CrossFit?

Running shoes are not the best for CrossFit training. They are designed to provide you with the qualities you need to run. They have great cushioning and a much higher “drop” than your average CrossFit shoe. They are designed to help you move forward, and this is the motion that they are designed to work with. When you CrossFit train you need a shoe that not only allows you to move in various directions quickly, they also need to provide you with the stability to lift weights, which requires a lower “drop” than your average running shoe provides.

You need to be closer to the ground in order to excel in CrossFit so a lower profile, minimalistic type shoe is best. Most CrossFit shoes will include the cushioning required to run comfortably in them, however they not designed for long running sessions, they are designed to cope with varied activities and therefore a running shoe, although it can be used for CrossFit, is not ideal, nor is using CrossFit trainers for running.

How to lace your Tennis Shoes for CrossFit?

Lacing Shoes for CrossFitSo lacing your shoes is dependent on your feet and how much support you need in which areas. There are a number of different ways to lace your shoes depending on your type of feet. Our arches, width of our feet and more determine what type of shoe we chose and should also determine the way we lace our shoes. If you have high arches or wide feet then getting the comfort from your shoe will also depend on the way that you lace them.

High arches require a lace that will alleviate tightness in the shoe. So you will thread the lace through the sides and tie it up through the next two eyelets on your shoe. If your shoe feels too tight, then lace the shoe in a parallel way and distribute them evenly, then tie the shoelaces normally. For heels that slip, you need to give the ankle more support and ensure that the shoe is not too tightly laced.

Lace the shoe until the second last eyelet and then skip one and go straight to the top lacing it through that loop. When you are trying to avoid nail or toe pain, you will need to give you toes more space to move. Lace you shoe from the bottom to top on the one side and diagonally across from the other then tie as normal. For wide feet you will also need more toe room.

Thread the laces on the side only until the midsole and the criss-cross them before tying as normal at the top of the shoe. Narrow feet require a tighter lace. This is to keep the foot snug within the shoe. Lace your shoes criss-cross to the top and pull tight before lacing. To avoid pressure on your foot you will lace the shoe normally and then skip the area where you find that your foot feels bruised, then lace criss-cross again until you are at the top before trying again.


Having the right shoe for the right exercises is important, so is knowing how to lace and maintain your shoes to the optimal levels. CrossFit shoes can double for many other sporting shoes, however some sporting shoes, such as running shoes are not great for CrossFit. It is important to select the right pair to avoid injury and get the best comfort, support and stability amongst other things for your feet when training.

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