There is a very large gap between what you need in a running shoe vs what you will require in a CrossFit training shoe (click for main review). When running you require a specialised shoe that caters for your needs, when CrossFit training, you need a shoe that incorporates many different types of qualities for the varied exercises that you do.

What is a Training shoe good for?

A CrossFit training shoe is perfect for those of you that enjoy your training, it protects your feet, keeps you stable when doing weights and also ensures that you get the maximum comfort and support you require. There are a number of CrossFit shoes on the market and you need to look for the best balanced pair that caters for the type of CrossFit that you incorporate the most into your workouts.

Three things to consider when selecting your CrossFit shoes are if you are going to be doing CrossFit as your sport, of if it is only going to be to a means of increasing your fitness levels and finally if you are going to be purchasing your CrossFit as your only training shoes of as a supplement to others. CrossFit trainers can be used for a number of purposes.  They can be used for weightlifting, running short distances, and most other exercises you want to take on including walking and more.

You can use them to train in or just as a shoe for everyday casual wear. So as you can see training shoes are extremely versatile and they can be used for many purposes, CrossFit training shoes in particular are great for most gym or other exercise regimes. They provide stability, protection, durability, flexibility and support to your feet in almost any circumstance.

What type of Shoes for CrossFit?

When considering which shoe to choose for your CrossFit training there are a number of factors to take into consideration. You will want a shoe that will protect your foot at cross training entails a lot of varied activities including weight lifting and more. You need a shoe that you can jump, push and run in as well. So balance is the key to a great CrossFit shoe.

If you are a basketball player you will select a shoe that is designed to cope with that specific sport, this includes the right traction, support and more, the same goes for running, tennis or weight lifting. All of these sports have shoes designed specifically to handle the way you play and move. CrossFit however incorporates a number of different movements and therefore it draws from all of these sport shoe to create one comprehensive shoe that can be used in a lot of different activities.

Running, jumping, lifting heavy weights, climbing ropes and scaling buildings are just some of the things you could do in your CrossFit trainers. This means that they must have the best support, comfort, stability and durability needed to cope with all of these combined activities. When doing your training you do not want to have to stop and change shoes mid training. So shoe manufacturers developed a shoe that combines the best of all the sports worlds and the CrossFit training shoe was born.

Types of Shoes for CrossFitSo what so you need in a CrossFit shoe that will enable you to get through your training regime. Well you will need stability for the weight lifting segments. Great cushioning for the running portions of your training and protection and great balance for the rest of your training. Breathability is a big factor. The material used on your shoe in the upper part is particularly important.

Your feet take a real beating when doing CrossFit and they need to remain cool and dry during the intense sessions. This not only prevents your foot from squishing around in the shoe, but also prevents bacterial growths due to wet and sticky shoes. In effect you need a running shoe with added support, a lifting shoe with more cushioning and a minimalist shoe that has added protection.

Sound impossible, luckily shoe manufacturers have taken all of this into consideration when designing their CrossFit shoes. The one you select will depend on what part of your regime you do most whether it be lifting, running or more gymnastic or aerobic exercises. Balance is of great importance as is a shock absorbing qualities for protection when running and jumping.

The shoe should have enough sensitivity that you can feel the ground, but also provide great impact and abrasion resilience. When you choose CrossFit as you sport of choice, you will need to invest in a good pair of CrossFit trainers or you will find that your feet and your body will take a beating and you will be prone to injuries due to shoes that cannot cope with the varied activities you need to accomplish when taking on this kind of sport.

Should I buy Weight lifting Shoes for CrossFit?

Weight lifting shoes are great, however if you get a good weight lifting shoe and try to do CrossFit with it you may find that it cannot cope with the other activities that are incorporated into the CrossFit regime. If you are going to change your shoes during your training, using lifting shoes for that portion and lifting is the dominant part of your regime, then investing in some weight lifting shoes is a good idea.

Also if you are a competitor and are not doing the sport just to keep fit and healthy then again, investing in a good Olympic style lifting shoes is a great idea.
However if you are doing CrossFit just to keep fit and healthy and it forms part of your everyday gym experience, then getting a CrossFit shoe is a much better idea than trying to use a lifting shoe to get through your whole regime.


When you are going to be concentrating on a specific sport, it is important to get a shoe that caters for that sports demands. However if you are going to be CrossFit training, you need a shoe that takes the best from a number of different shoes and combines them to create a shoe that can cope with any kind of exercise, that is what makes as great CrossFit training shoe.

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